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    Full-time wedding photographer, part-time RN, father of two little men and husband to an amazing woman.

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  1. http://www.rapidled.com/solderless-jbj-nanocube-24-dimmable-retrofit-kit/ Anyone familiar with this? Where can I learn more about the different colors and the benefits of each one? I'm thinking about upgrading from CF.. but not sure which colors to choose. Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. So I ended up getting a great deal on a nano cube 24. zygote I'm thinking like you right now.... I think i'm going to KISS(keep it simple stupid) with this tank. Thanks for the heads up Jason and thanks for your input guys! As for the back i was planning on doing a refugium with rubble and cheato. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi Guys! I'm back just like the rest of the people that can never really leave the hobby. I'm looking for something small, a bio/nanocube either 24/29 gallon. I have no preference for either and I want to know if there are any specific advantages to either of them. I bought a sunpod (150 watt) hqi off craigslist... but now i'm thinking about doing led. What are you guy's experience with LEDs in the cubes? Also I have what seems to be a dumb question... but I'll go ahead with it. I want to add a tunze 9002 skimmer which I've heard great things about... However I was wondering if the skimmate cup does not allow one to have the hood on. Thanks in advance!
  4. that thing was out of control!
  5. Hey guys, i was looking for a closed loop pump up to about 7-800 gph and i cam across these two... i was wondering if anyone had any prior experaince with them. Thanks http://www.aquarium-supply.biz/Little_Gian..._p/rlg81506.htm http://www.aquarium-supply.biz/Pacific_Coa..._p/rpc10073.htm
  6. I wouldn't be worried, if anything the cap wont grow there...
  7. That is an AMAZING set up! How many gallons is that tank?
  8. so i didn't end up going to alexandira and hence i didn't go to roozens. i went to scales though prices were way higher than ever.
  9. lol, indeed, i haven't gone there since i was about 11 years old... haha
  10. thanks guys! i been to BRK before i loved it. i go there usually when im down in mannassas(sp) at my cousin's house. ill hit up roozens.
  11. I'm gonna be in the area on tuesday i was wondering what LFS there are in the area and if there any favorites Thanks
  12. i hade one before and they can be very agressive at times- how big of a tank do you have? do you have any crabs? Sally light foots can be very agressive Akbar
  13. I'm no longer interested, thanks anyway.
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