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  1. I know some of you have wondered about me. I had to have a 2nd brain surgeery, but am recovering quite well. fish tanks were too much, so Steve Outlaw helped me dry out the basement. He will be offering up some of my stuff cheap or free. Take it. If/when I can, I will start over. Thanks to all of you for being such good friends!! Bob
  2. Bridal veil netting. Glue one end to bottom of frag plug. Lay the frag down, pull the otheer end tight across, with a few twists, and glue the other end. bob
  3. I know a great brain surgeon.... bob
  4. Well, I could have used some help last night! About 10:00 my hair started coming out in clumps! Got my daughter to give me a sexy buzz-cut. Nothing like a clump of hair in your cocoa!! bob
  5. Yeah... finished radiation therapy today. AND had a CT scan, and Chemo training class coming Thursday, medi-port insertion on friday... it's hard work having cancer!! I usually respond in a day or two. bob
  6. fairly thin... but it works over time with repeated applications. My 240 never has aiptasia because of the CBB. Wish I felt comfortable moving him from tank to tank. bob
  7. 2nd on $250 package deal if Zygote can't make it.... I live in Manassas.. bob
  8. I have had no problems with tangs picking on my CBB. No problems with CBB and coral, other than he steals food from the sun corals. CBB is a delightful fish. bob
  9. I think I'm too old for that crap these days!! Hope they are paying you enough to build a whole separate fish house in the back yard!! bob
  10. Spent a couple of years in Doha... no matter what kind of sealing/filtration you have, the dust gets in. bob
  11. While we are at it... good way to test heaters for shorts/grounds? bob
  12. Not finding the rainbow heaters... Link? The lifegard modules are interesting, but certainly don't insulate the heater from the tank. Tank water still circulates directly around whatever heater you put in there. So... guess I am back to trying to find the brand least likely to have a catastrophic failure. Until I have time to invent the perfect solution. bob
  13. I have separate digital controllers. Just looking for currently most reliable. But I need to check out that 'lifeguard'. bob
  14. With a few cool nights, I am starting to feel 'sparkies' in my 240. Which probably means time for some water heaters. Is there a current 'best choice' for safety and reliability??? Has anyone produced one that won't actually touch the water? Never breaks, never leaks, never leaches fish-killing toxic compounds?? Thanks for all suggestions/ideas/recommendations! bob
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