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  1. I have used Fish Mar F14 for many years because it is easy to tell if food has been despensed. -> https://www.chewy.com/fish-mate-f14-aquarium-fish-feeder/dp/136180?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=Fish%20Mate&utm_campaign=hg&msclkid=32e10b962c1418339e1150d959ab09f9&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping-Product%20Targets-Hard%20Goods&utm_term=1100012145852&utm_content=Fish%20Mate I put let the food drop into a feeding ring.
  2. renew membership

  3. Thanks for the APLEX always suggestion. However, I tend to be out of town alot. When there is a short power outage due to a surge, the APEX knows how to recover with the time still correct. The lights with build it timers don't, the ON/OFF time is messed up until I get home.
  4. My LED died and I am considering this Current USA for my 156G -> https://www.chewy.com/current-usa-orbit-marine-ic-led-reef/dp/151007 I don't like the built in timer that this light has because I have an APEX to control lighting. The last LED I got for another tank had this build in timer and I could not use my APEX because there was no "always ON" option, you had to use the build in timer. Does anyone have this Current USA light ? Can I use it with my APEX ? Thanks Mike
  5. Since my lawnmower blenney died, hair algea has been growing like crazy. Has anyone seen Sea Hare for sale in area LFS? Does some one sell one ?
  6. Very reef safe. Have had mine for more than 5 years, never had a problem.
  7. Thought I share what I found in my tank. Have had countess molts from my banded coral but never one like this
  8. mling


  9. Please ignore my request ...... just saw the PDFs Thanks
  10. My daughter's Oceanography class at TJ would like to find out more information about this. The links for more info does not seem to be working. Says I don't have permission to view. Can someone correct these links ? Thanks
  11. This is a pic of the fish you refer to , I think it is a Frog fish
  12. The only thing is the Duncan, but I thnk it is the Frogspwan that was stinging it. This Frogspwan has been doing fine for about 2 years in the same location. Both branches look the same one day then the one on the right melts away one morning. As you can see it is now totally gone. I am thinking of breaking off the dead branch as it might cause fin rips in fishes swimming near it ?
  13. Woke up this morning to find one half of my Frogspawn almost totally dead. Why would the left side be OK and the right just die ? Every thing else is ok.
  14. The egg create is to prevent the $$$ designer clowns from becoming ccc
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