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  1. Bump for the meeting on Saturday. One week from today! We've started posting the raffle prizes you can expect. We're still doing receipts for raffles, so you can get one raffle ticket for every $25 you've spent at a club sponsor since the last meeting.
  2. AlanM

    Is this really an oregon tort?

    Actually, could that be the "hulk milli" that he used to sell? It might be. I'm sorry that I just don't remember, heh.
  3. AlanM

    Is this really an oregon tort?

    oh, Matt, I just looked at the picture. I originally got that one from ridetheducati, I think, and he just called it a "teal tort" if that's the one I'm thinking of. The growth looks like the one I had. It's the one on the right side of this picture:
  4. AlanM

    Is this really an oregon tort?

    If it's the blue tort that I sold to Matt a few years ago, then I got it from copps and he called it a "blue monster tort" at the time.
  5. AlanM

    SMMAS Frag Trade

    SMMAS has a meeting coming up in March. Our next Member Meeting and Frag Swap will be March 23, 2019 - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Southern Branch (Solomon's) Library. Stay tuned for more info. Southern Branch Library 13920 HG Trueman Rd Solomons, MD 20688
  6. Two members so far have contacted me to sell frags for the meeting. If you'd like to set up a table to sell, please let me know so we can make sure we're ready for you. https://wamas.org/forums/topic/75380-want-to-set-up-a-table-at-the-next-meeting/ gives general guidelines for setting up to sell at the meeting. We'll have power for you and a spot on a table.
  7. AlanM

    Want to set up a table at the next meeting?

    Bumping this thread. At Kilmer we should be set with tables and will have power distribution, but one outlet at each place.
  8. AlanM

    Lynn's Fish Room

    I have no idea what ich-X does, but for cupramine or coppersafe it would be a few weeks and you can expect some not to make it. There are some good articles on treating with copper on reef2reef as well. If you could leave the house I have all needed test kits and copper meds that you could have. I'm not getting new fish anymore.
  9. AlanM

    Lynn's Fish Room

    Yikes, sorry to hear this. I don't know of any reef safe medication that works for ich or velvet. The only things I've heard of working are quarantine away from the tank, a full 70 days of no fish in the tank (doesn't require chemicals), and copper or chloroquine phosphate in the QT water. You can also try the Tank Transfer Method. There are some good posts on this method on Reef2Reef or ReefCentral. Recovering a tank full of fish is a long process with a lot of effort since the you aren't working with a system with good bacteria and the ammonia can build up in the QT very quickly.
  10. AlanM

    Maxima Clam Questions

    Pyramellid snails can wedge themselves in the folds of the shell and will prey on the clam, but it looks like his was just a really annoying astrea snail that took a liking to the algae on the shell. The pyramellid snails are pretty small.
  11. If anyone here is planning to go to MACNA 2019 at Disney in Orlando, FL the ticket prices are going up Saturday morning. You can get your tickets at https://macnaconference.org/2019/
  12. AlanM

    Do I need a new tank?

    I believe the interior silicone corner bead is mostly there to protect the structural silicone that goes between the panes of glass. If the entire bead is peeling off, then i'd take a close look at the part sandwiched between the glass panes on the corners to make sure there didn't seem to be any bubbling to indicate imminent leaks. I'd also be more worried if it's a rimless tank than if it has trim on top and bottom.
  13. AlanM

    Ecotech Vectra

    I agree. I've had one running for 2 years without issue. I have it internally in my sump. The only issues I've read came from people who run them externally and find that they get warm. I don't use some of the advanced features like the wavemaker one (Which is intended for use with closed loops) and don't know if the advanced electronics that is supposed to compensate for decreased flow are working or not, but it's dead silent and my L1 pushes way more water than I need in my 180g.
  14. AlanM

    Loss of edit functionality

    Great, glad it's working! The plugin has lots of other little tweaks to these boards that I may play with, but the big benefit will be that we don't have to stay on the same version or risk our custom mods to the code.
  15. AlanM

    Loss of edit functionality

    I installed a plugin that I think should enable this ability on the Dedicated Tank Build forum as well as all of the WTB/WTS forums. I can't test it out because I'm a moderator and can edit pretty much everything, but can you try it out madweazl?