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  1. I have both live in waldorf. But on vacati9n and will be back Sunday 26th. Ill if that works
  2. I won at our fragfest this awesome 5 stage, 2 dual-probe TDS monitors and pressure guage RO/DI system! Thank You SpectraPure for being a sponsor of WAMAS and for the donation of this awesome RO/DI system!
  3. i'd like to thank you for the donated Box of Instant Ocean salt i won in the raffle. Can't have enough, just stacked them on top of the others i purchased from the group buy! Thanks again!
  4. THANK YOU for the bottle reef food products sampler pack I won at our spring meeting. I love these products and use them for feeding my fish and corals.
  5. I won the raffle for the TripLite back up system. This is a perfect start for setting up a battery backup. Thank you for all you do for our hobby and donations to the club! Ben
  6. sure it will take a couple of days have to research back. I have the info for the MH setup too
  7. http://vid228.photobucket.com/albums/ee8/bravanc/LEDs/20140404_221246_zps0ce128fd.mp4 here is a project I did a few years ago. it utilizes a tubular motor, tube and misc materials I purchased on line.
  8. wow Tom, glad all is working fine. I feel for you with the pain and all. My wife had aortic stenosis and they had planned to put in a homograft but did not have the right size so the back up was a mechanical valve. That was 15 years ago! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  9. Won some "THRIVE" products in the raffle and would like to thank you for your donations and support for WAMAS!
  10. bravanc


  11. I won one of your clams at the frag fest raffle and I want to thank you for your donation and support to the WAMAS community. The corals I also purchased is doing nicely in its new home. Thanks Pacific East Aquaculture!
  12. I use the mj1200 on mine. I would remove the wiper and just plug the hole. Mine started leaking after awhile and was a pain to deal with. I have not changed bulbs yet going on a year with bulb.
  13. Try some red and blue legged hermits. Check your water are you using RODI?
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