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  1. I don't care what you get, but can I book a session with you?????? My reef need some good photos.
  2. Just a comment, but can we please stop with the "your tank is too young for sps" for every issue that comes up? I literally put sps in my tank from month one and they are growing quite well. It COULD be a problem but not everyone has the same problem. Again, just want to make an observation from experience.
  3. Thank you... I blame darkseeker and llemonz. They are my dealers.
  4. Finally done with fallow period! So happy to see more life in the tank again.
  5. Yes, I have brought my invoices from liveaquaria and saltwateraquarium to the meetings.
  6. Interested in the fish (possibly all). Let me know if you sell them part from the tank and equipment.
  7. I personally have been using nopox since I started. This product is great and is just another form of carbon dosing. To say that your issue is from this product does not do it justice.
  8. Stopping your nopox rapidly will do a lot of damage (changing anything rapidly), but that's your call. Good luck.
  9. You can always try amino like fuel, red sea colors, or acropower. That might help enhance the colors too. I use the red sea colors and it works pretty well for me. I personally can't say if you have too much light or not until you test your par. I currently have a 48'' and use 3 x hydra 26s and 4 T5s. I only run the hydra at around 50-70% and have no issue with coloration. 12 hrs photo period to include ramp up and down.
  10. I am currently dosing nopox on my 135 and is only using 6 ml a day. What test kit are you using and have you tried using a different kit?
  11. Thank you! I'm not sure what is going with that RFA. Do they get that big?!?! Will she (I found out it's a she) get bigger??!?!?! She's about the size of my hand. I don't even feed them. I am in a euphyllia frenzy right now. SPS grows too slow so I focus more on the LPS and zoas. I love their movement. You should get a bigger tank.
  12. My little Red Sea 170 is doing very well. I have been collecting a lot of euphyllias lately. I finally got the chaeto growing after dosing the iron supplements that Alan recommended (thank you!). My algae issue is almost gone and nitrate is a lot lower. My softies tank was a headache! The Orbit Marine lights were too low when I tried using only blues with very little red/green/white. As recommended, I ramped up the other colors during the day and ended up with major dino. After a couple days of lights out and bringing the lights back down, everything got back to normal. I considered adding some cheaper black boxes but got a great deal on a T5 fixture. Ended up rigging it and hang it on the wall with some plant hangers. Everything seems a lot better. Zoas and Anemones are doing great! Thank you everyone for your help.
  13. And dont pet the dog. That yorkie-ish dog is mean. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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