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  1. Almost new impeller. Been sitting in garage along with some free bags of ocean salts if you buy it. Sorry im posting here instead of the sales forum (not active member). Am in Mclean
  2. I found a baby oyster at a restaurant and would like to find out if anyone wanna host it in their sump or something. Time is of essence since I don't have a SW tank anymore and it's just sitting here high and dry. Anyone in Mclean area who can host this guy please text me their address. Hopefully tonight after the real baby is sleeping. 571-278-6249. Thanks, Manny
  3. Or anyone wanting to do a group buy? I'm thinking of buying B1 or A (a couple pkgs is the minimal quantity) and it would be a bit too much for me. Would like to find out if anyone knows of a LFS who might have these. Thanks
  4. Here is the article. I haven't re-read it, but I remember it saying something like 95% regeneration for GAC: http://www.ijcce.ac.ir/ijcce/ArticlePPDF/20092849.pdf
  5. I read a translated japanese article a year or two back that discusses gac regeneration. Turns out you can regenerate gac using the opposite steps as gfo. Lye first then acid. acid dissolves a bit of gfo though. If you have both mixed, maybe you can try the gfo steps and it may help gac as well
  6. 2 of RC boxes, near Tysons Corner would be great. thanks
  7. Would like to buy bbs/tisbe. Checked around and most are understandably closed Thanks, Manny
  8. Chrome is reporting that the site/forum has been hijacked with malware code from dullerappliances.ru. FYI. Not sure if it's really true or not.
  9. One thing that has saved my livestock (fresh and saltwater both) is judicious use of water conditioners such as Prime (Seachem or equivalent). Helps even during power outages. I 'm not sure if the lack of food is what killed your fish since most likely can survive a long time without food. Personally I wouldn't do anything too drastic, maybe toss in a bag of carbon. Every 12 hrs dose it with a bit off Prime to keep nitrate in livable condition (until the bacteria recover). Use a syringe to target feed your fish, but i think you might underestimate their keen noses.
  10. Didn't want to drill the tank so I built a self priming PVC one for about 6 bucks (no glue to boot). Google you tube for it. Looks like an L and U. Hard to explain and pm me if you need a pic. With 1 inch PVC my external pump (1200 gph) seems to keep up fine.
  11. Manny

    Led DIY Layout

  12. i mean its one big SMD chip about 2 inch square with a bunch of integrated 1 or 3 w ones in a matrix. You can get cw/rb combos and the amount of wiring is much less and not as messy. There is a thread here a month or two back I think.
  13. I got the 75 kit six months ago. Its bright, and the dimmer/resistor is not very linear. Optics are plastic/kinda ugly (but then again the whole DIY is rarely good looking). I bought a few other ones to test out and in terms of price/performance/ease I would go with the multichip approach if you still want to do the Diy. However considering it costs only 175 bucks for a 140w commercial one, I wouldn't do it again.
  14. I got a bunch of tiny snails hatched a few weeks ago. The eggs were laid slightly above water and strung/looped like a white piece of fish poop the thickness of a needle.
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