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  1. Thought you guys might like it. https://www.facebook.com/BBCOne/videos/472941726548661/UzpfSTEwMDAwMDE5ODEzNjI4ODoyNzExNzg3ODAyMTcxMTMx/
  2. I am moving and wish to donate a complete 28 gal Nano-Cube LED with all pumps, heaters, everything to bring it back to life. CAVEAT: This tank crashed a year ago to a massive bubble algae attack and will need to be lovingly scrubbed, soaked and put back in service. I am moving and not really able to do much to help. I'll include the RODI unit and the HOB skimmer that I bought to go with it. There is also a ton of supplies, other pumps, a bucket of salt, feeders, etc. to go with it. Really need someone to come get it this coming week, promised to be out of this apt by mid-month. Probably easily $1000 worth of stuff at Retail. In Montgomery Village MD, corner of Walkers Choice & Mont. Vill. Avenue. If no school wants it, then will donate to a young person with a school id and a note from parent stating there isn't much way (s)he'll get one otherwise. ($$) Thanks WAMAS
  3. My 29 gallon AIO is a complete bubble algae garden. Went berserk after I tried to eradicate a small patch and OBVIOUSLY did it wrong. Is there any hope for this tank or should I crash it and start over? Thx WAMAS Ross
  4. I agree, been drinking it for years. love it
  5. moving, pump worked great last time it was used. free if you want it. thx wamas
  6. I did read somewhere that it's best to put them in at night (lights off) to give them a chance to sneak into the rock work so the fish don't eat them up on the way down.
  7. Well, it looks like we've all decided to get along ... at least for now. I made everyone go to bed last night by turning out the lights and we all woke up this morning in a better mood. Let's hope it keeps up. Thx to all for your advice.
  8. I'm starting a new tang, put in a dwarf angel last week, added the tang tonite. The angel is probably going to kill the Tang. Maybe not, but he seems pretty ticked off. My readings said the Angel might be territiorial to other Angels but didn't mention other fish. Thoughts and comments? Thx
  9. I agree with ReefAddict. Most members will sell rock much cheaper than you can get it anywhere else. Every time I need some I start looking at vendors, get freaked out over what they have to charge for it, and end up buying from a member.
  10. What specific pump model did you buy? I have a need for a really small pump. Thx in advance
  11. Thanks. All of that happened to that old bag of salt. My kids say I'm cheap, I say I'm "frugal." ;> I have new salt, I'll do a water change this weekend. Thx
  12. Bad Salt? Is there such a thing? It IS the last of a quite old bag that was left over... I started a new tank and the pH reports way low and the alkalinity is way high. I have fresh. I'll do a water change this weekend. thx
  13. I wasn't being combative. I apologize if my question was misconstrued. I thought his point was great. I was asking for more detail to what he meant for my own learning. Thx Madweazi and Tom Roscoe
  14. I loved this comment ... could you expound on that? What does this mean? Test frequently for two weeks to get a feel for water chemistry changes? Thx in advance. Roscoe
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