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  1. cynthia

    Lighting Suggestions

    Thanks so much! I'm going to mount them vertically into the canopy. Should I stagger them to cover all the areas?
  2. cynthia

    Lighting Suggestions

    This week my 210 aquarium bracing snapped. I have it together right now with clamps preparing my 300 gallon tank for it's replacement. I want to use my current lighting I have on my 210 knowing that it will not be enough for the new tank. The new tank is 32 inches tall. 30 inches wide and 72 inches long. Currently, I have 2 Evergrow IT5060's on my tank. I have had great growth with these lights and want to keep them on my new tank, HOWEVER, I do know that this will not be enough given the footprints of the new tank. I need to add some additional lighting to get the lighting down to the bottom of the tank. Any suggestion on what I can add? With regards to coral I have: Different species of chalices, montiporas, mushrooms, toadstools, Bunch of torch, frogspawn, duncans and hammer coral. Thanks in advance for the guidance.
  3. I normally would not post pictires of my tank as mine is not nearly as beautiful as the others I have seen on here. My basement flooded 2 1/2 years ago ( not because of fish tank) and the tank had to be moved. Well the whole thing crashed and caused me to lose all my corals and my eels. I was so heartbroken. I was able to salvage the fish thankfully as I have had them for about 7 years Since the reboot things are coming along nicely. In October I went to the Triton system and purchased the Triton44 sump by Trigger systems. I'm still having issues with Nitrates and Phosphates and not really sure it will ever go away as my fish are large. My Vlamingi tang went blind about six months ago (I'm thinking maybe the new LEDs caused this or a severe bacteria infection) i have to hand feed him every day twice a day. Thanks to Copps for telling me to keep trying things as he stopped eating and I could not figure out why.
  4. cynthia

    Professional tank movers?

    I used Tanks for your Business up in Gaithersburg. Their number is: 301-654-3474. I used them when my basement flooded and I had to move the tank from where it resided in the basement to a room in the basement that was not impacted by the flood. They did the tear down, move, and set back up in the new area and then did the same thing in reverse when the basement was fixed. Not sure if you are just looking for them to move the tank or move and setup. They were very professional and did a fantastic job. I still use them for monthly tank maintenance.
  5. cynthia

    Heavy winds coming tonight

    Lost power for two days. I bought a generator two years ago just for this reasoning. Never had to use it until Friday. I'm sooo glad I had it. Fish never knew anything was wrong. Everything on tank was powered by generator along with internet, computers and whole downstairs appliances. Never a problem. Generator handled like a pro and only went through 10 gallons of gas. Best money I ever spent to protect my investment.
  6. That is correct Molcott. I did start with the baseline. For some reason the Alkalinity shot up while the calcium maintained the correct parameters. BRS had the same thing happen. I do the Triton testing once a month. While pretty much is everything in line. I do not see that alkalinity testing is part of the testing. I do dilute each element with R/O water and have that stored in seal tight containers until I use them.
  7. Thanks Tom! That’s exactly what I needed. I was dosing them equally and that when the alkalinity shot up. When I watched the BRS video they said the same thing happened with them but did not say how they fixed it. I have the base elements; which you cannot combine 3 a & 3 b
  8. I have a 220 with the triton44 sump. I was dosing 8 ml per day. My calcium was maintaining between 415 to 430. My alkalinity shot up. I stopped dosing. I just need to know which part of the Triton basic elements has the alkalinity and which part has the calcium so I can stop dosing the part with the alkalinity
  9. I did use Instant Ocean. I have not done a water change since October. I started with 8 DKH and 450 Calcium.
  10. Good day. I wanted to reach out to the club and specifically those of you utilizing the Triton method and ask some questions. Along with a Question about combining the Red Sea Coral Nutrition program. First question I'm having a heck of a time trying to keep my KH balanced with the dosing of the Triton Basic Elements dosing system. I try and get my calcium up and when I dose all the elements (1, 2, 3 a & 3 B) my KH shoots up. I have gotten my KH down to 10.73 but need to get it back down to 8 to begin dosing again all the elements. Which of the elements contains the alkalinity? I have tried reading those bottles and their website but can not for the life of me figure it out. The second question I have has anyone combined the Red Sea Coral Nutrition program with the Triton method? Have you had success? Do you only dose the Red Sea Reef Energy A & B? Should I not be doing that. Sorry if I sound amatuerish but am when it comes to the Triton Method. I want to do it successfully. I even went as far as purchasing and installing the Triton 44 sump by Trigger Systems as it has the bigger refugium section. LOVE IT! Any help would be appreciated to steer me in the correct direction.
  11. I won the frag rack and I LOVE It. Thanks so much for donating.
  12. cynthia

    Alternate Source of ICP-OES Testing?

    Thank Tom for this information. I ordered one today. I have done the Triton testing and when I get the results of this one, I will compare the two and see how accurate this one is. If the results are the same, it's nice to know there is a cheaper version as I would like to send my testing in more often but do to the costs I only do about every three months.
  13. cynthia


    PM for 2 boxes. Already paid! Will pickup at meeting.
  14. cynthia

    Sick Vlamingi Fish HELP!!!

    Right now he is still in my full reef display tank. I'm fearful to move him as I do not want him to stress out since he has been getting better. I will have to do some research on the Prazi and see if it's ok to have in the tank. I know if he gets worse I will move him but he looks to be getting better slowly. I'm afraid to put any new fish in there since I really do not know what he came down with. The other tankmates are doing fine and not showing any signs of getting sick.
  15. cynthia

    Sick Vlamingi Fish HELP!!!

    I started shredding up some seaweed strips and soaking it in garlic xtreme and Vita-Chem and some Furan-2. He started eating that Friday night! I'm soo stoked about that. Yesterday he ate that twice (once in morning and once in evening) and then this morning he ate it again. He is used to me hand feeding him but since he is staying at the bottom corner of the tank, I used some tongs to feed him. Chomped it right up! I'm going to keep doing that twice a day until he is 100% I'm so happy that he is at least eating that. I know he is not out of the water yet but at least we are slowly progressing with him at least eating the seaweed soaked with the vitamins and medication. He looks like he is trying to perk up but only time will tell. Thanks for all the article suggestions. I read them and this is what they advised to try and do. As long he is eating, I do not want to stress him out by trying to QT him at this point.