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  1. ReefAddict

    Looking for a dealer in the Northern VA area

    I’d try Supreme Reefs too.
  2. ReefAddict

    Stock suggestions

    I’m changing gears on my 125 and have traded in my aggressive fish. I have 2 leopard wrasses currently and I am planning to add several other leopards (ornate, black, etc.). I currently also have 1 true percula clown and a Banggai cardinal. I’m looking at other wrasses, but the most import thing is whatever fish I add it/they don’t mess with my leopards. I had a yellow coris kill one leopard and the mate to my remaining cardinal. Open to all peaceful fish suggestions. Thanks
  3. ReefAddict

    Coral banded shrimp

    I’ve had several. Gold and Blue. Eventually became jerks. I had one snag a brand new clownfish. I didn’t think they could actually catch fish, as soon as I put it in the tank it snagged it with its pincers. Immediately removed and traded in to Marince scene.
  4. ReefAddict

    Recommendation on reliable dosers?

    I really like my GHL Doser 2. Easy to setup, also has an App.
  5. ReefAddict

    Purple sponge taking over

    Anyone had a purple sponge that branches out and spreads like crazy. I have removed some but it comes right back. Thoughts? I’ll post pics when I can
  6. ReefAddict

    Best place to buy live rock locally

    Most in the area carry and sell nice live rock. Reef escape Quantum reefs Capital aquarium BRK I think does as well
  7. I use a Ghl doser. I have been very happy with it.
  8. ReefAddict

    Supreme Reefs shop build

    Stopped by today, some really nice corals. Best selection in the area by far. Ben was also super helpful, glad there is another great shop to get my coral fix.
  9. ReefAddict

    Brute trashcan smell

    Trash can is clean I wipe it down and rinse it after ever batch. No Tds reading. Filters for RODI are new.
  10. ReefAddict

    Brute trashcan smell

    So I've been using a Rubbermaid Brute trashcan to hold my RODI water for a while now and mixed in salt in a separate container. I got lazy and started mixing my IO salt in the same trashcan once the water is full. After a few weeks of doing this there is a noticeable smell when I remove the lid. Is this normal? It smells almost moldy.
  11. ReefAddict

    Local fish stores

    They closed their retail store Incredible Corals.... Artfully Acrylic will still be open as far as I understand. They sent an email and were selling their display tanks and misc stuff from the store. I have had great luck with everything I buy from Reef Escape in Fairfax. I've been to BRK and they were super nice but I haven't bought from them yet.
  12. ReefAddict

    RBTA color fading

    If they are unhappy they typically move on their own. I have 4 in one of my tanks. 3 haven't moved more than an inch, 1 moved constantly until it found its happy place. I would just leave it be for now and observe.
  13. ReefAddict

    Salt creep on bulkhead

    I just noticed one of my bulkheads has salt creep on it. Couldn't be more than a few days old. The bulkhead is only about a year old. Should I attempt to tighten it, or just replace it? Is this a replace immediately situation or I can wait until the weekend?