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  1. My intention was never to throw anyone under the bus. I was simply asking if anyone knew where he was because his responses to me were always very prompt, but then they started to fall off. It wasn't until others responded that I realized the facts they laid out were exactly the same as my experience. My communication to him has always been cordial, patient and understanding. Like gioNVA, I waited for over 6 months and never received a product. There's really nothing more to this story. I would love for him to deliver on his promise and would still be willing to take delivery.
  2. Fortunately I didn’t have any money in with him either. He’s stopped responding to my texts altogether. I’ve pretty much moved on. Unbelievable.
  3. This has been my exact same experience, except I've been waiting for 6 months. It's not like I was in any rush, but I would check in every two weeks or so and at least get a response (even if the content of the response never came to fruition). I haven't gotten a response to a few texts in the past month or so, so I figured I'd check with others to see if they've been in contact and know his whereabouts.
  4. That’s the number I have. I’ve been texting with him for a while, but the communication fell off over the past few weeks and I was just wondering if he’s on vacation or something else.
  5. Anyone know where Brandon from Pure Reef Systems is? I’ve been trying to get a hold of him and haven’t gotten a response in a while.
  6. For those of you that have tanks with 1" or thicker glass/acrylic, what types of wavemakers/powerheads are you using? All of the pumps I'm looking at, such as the mp10/40 and gyres, have a max tank wall thickness of 1/2 - 3/4" for their magnets. Thoughts/experiences?
  7. Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure. =) Hey Eric, thanks man. I've been dabbling with the idea of getting back in for a while, but this time I'm all in. Got a tank and stand. Now just need everything else. Lol. I figured it was time because people would see me constantly scrolling through the "fish club forums" and then ask me "why? you don't even have a fish tank!"
  8. I just spent a good amount of time cleaning a used tank using distilled vinegar to scrape off coralline algae. Is there anything I should do now to rinse out the dried vinegar from the tank? Any adverse effect from having residual vinegar in the tank prior to filling for use? Thanks.
  9. PK3

    Uhhh help!!

    How long has the tank been set up?
  10. Just curious, where is the other $370 going?
  11. PK3


    Why does that bother you unless you were trying to get whatever he was selling for even less than half price? If that's the case, and that's what it sounds like, aren't you guilty of exactly the same thing, i.e. bugging some kid to sell you something for less than half price? Otherwise, why not just beat the other guy's half price offer?
  12. Stunning tank. You have a gift. Beautiful colors and love the rock placement. Did you put anything directly beneath the rock or are they sitting directly on the glass? If on the glass, did you do anything to prevent them from moving or rocks on top from falling down?
  13. They also have Mesoflakes, which is the size in between those two.
  14. PK3

    For sale items

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