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  2. Cleaning out very OLD aquarium stuff and found a bunch of Bio-Balls - most are still in the bags. Does anyone use these anymore? Thanks Tom
  3. WOW!! Ian this is very impressive to say the least!! I may have missed it but what run time length will you get out of this battery pack from a full charge? Thanks for sharing and let me know when you go into sales production Tom
  4. All - THANKS for the great input and advise. I knew I would get a great response from the WAMAS Family!! I will update when I make my choice and purchase. Happy New Year!! Tom
  5. All - first off Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking to see if anyone has any experience/knowledge on a good relatively inexpensive ($200 range or under) Indoor Scurity Camera or Monitor I could but to allow me to keep an eye on my tank while on vacation. I know the Apex can give me alerts but I want to be able to see how things look for piece of mind and also to be able to walk a neighbor (who has zero reef tank experience) through trying to fix something that may have gone wrong. Thanks in advance!! Tom
  6. I saw these in person and they look even better than they do in the pics. Very nice!! Tom
  7. Like Eric said, YouTube and you will see how to do just about anything you need to do. The fans are very easy and cheap to replace (they may be just stuck) and ballast and power cords are also not very hard just make sure you follow the directions and have a little patience!! Tom
  8. I have done this as well for many years and have had great results. They really work well and are safe! Tom
  9. kyle&amy


    RBTAs for sale
  10. Wow this is really sad and very disappointing!! Agree with Tom, they are thiefs. It's not like your prices were not already very reasonable. Sorry for your loss! Tom
  11. Ok thanks Eric. I guess that is something we will need to deal with if we go this route.
  12. Yes thanks all for the info!! Are you all noticing the bowing in an ATI unit with the plastic shield in place? Either way it does sound like another option. Will look forward to seeing how they perform in the long run. Thanks again, Tom
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