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  1. Last week while on vacation I visited the exhibit "Fragile Earth" at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Very powerful stuff embedded in the art. Courtney Mattison, creator of the exhibit “Underwater Worlds Rise to the Surface,” makes beautiful stoneware and porcelain wall reliefs inspired by the coral reefs, specifically by “bleaching,” the destruction of the reefs due to result of climate change, over-fishing and chemical and plastic pollution. Mattison, who works with the ocean-conservation organization Mission Blue, designs images of ideal coral-reef vegetation and coloration, as well as sculptures of coral reefs wasting away, losing their color, their size and their biodiversity. Read more and view my pictures at: http://iankreer.com/2019/fragile-earth-exhibit-old-lyme-ct/
  2. Anyone read the article in Science magazine? Pretty interesting stuff. Science | Heatproofing Coral | Fast-forwarding evolution to save the reefs. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/363/6433/1264 Summary As the world's coral reefs wither in the face of rising temperatures, scientists are working to give corals a genetic helping hand. Strategies considered radical and intrusive even 5 years ago are now the subject of ambitious research initiatives. Spearheaded by Australian scientist Madeleine van Oppen and the late U.S. scientist Ruth Gates, the work revolves around manipulating the genetics of coral, and the algae and bacteria that live inside coral. The goal is to find ways to tweak coral to help them resist bleaching—a potentially fatal condition triggered by underwater heat waves. The work has shown some promise in the lab and has begun to attract other scientists. But it is still in its infancy. It faces questions of whether it's technically feasible, and whether such genetic tinkering in a wild ecosystem might have unexpected consequences.
  3. Is it me, or does it take more than 5 seconds for a page to load?
  4. Not series, I meant I am adding them in parallel. I bought another 15 packs, which gave me an additional 300 batteries. I made another 7 packs of 20 and connected them in parallel, and plan on adding another 140 soon. I plan to test the bank this weekend when I have time. I will start the bank at 29.4, run the aquarium for 24 hours without charging and see how much the aquarium pulls from it.
  5. Also I charge each of my battery packs of 40 to 4.18-4.19. I could charge all the way to 4.22, but I don't want to overcharge the lower mah batteries, so I keep them charged to 4.18-4.19. These LG batteries can be safely discharged to 3.00 - 3.10 without damaging. Also keep in mind the 7S40P bank is always topped up via solar.
  6. I should have clarified, the 7S40P battery bank I made in the videos has 280 18650's with an mah rating of 2600 - 2240. Some batteries have 2600 highest, and some have 2240 lowest, so i am just going with all batteries have 2240 highest to even them all. I also have 7 other smaller battery packs I am including in series to the 7 packs you have seen in the video, and my total is 995aH after adding them in series. With the 7 packs of 40 each, my aH is 616ish.
  7. Thanks Tom! I am still finishing the battery bank, so I haven't tested the total run length. My Apex tells me I use a total of 2.8 amp hours with the T5's, LEDS, Pump, both MP10's, and both 150 watt heaters on. The battery bank has a total of just under 1 Kilowatt hour (995aH). With these calculations and figuring 10% for loss, I would say I can power my reef for around 355ish hours with everything on including both heaters. Both heaters are rarely on at the same time, and just the 1 comes on around 6 times a day (winter). 995aH (total) % 2.8aH (tank) = 355 total tank run time. 355 % 24 hours in a day = 14.8 days total running time. This is when my bank is fully charged @ 29.4. I hope this helps.
  8. Sorry, the Youtube link is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYNu3VxihUFVfLRA4Ai-RA/videos?
  9. After attending the last WAMAS Annual 2018 Winter meeting, Julian Sprung talked about Disaster Planning. He mentioned he was planning to purchase a Tesla power wall for his home. After finding out from a WAMAS member there is a 5 year backorder, he seemed to have changed his mind. I have built a Tesla inspired power wall solely dedicated for my reef using the same style batteries found in the Tesla power wall, but for a lot less. There is quite a bit of work involved in my project, so if you are a tinkerer as I am (we all own reef aquariums, so we are all kind of tinkerers right?), and looking for a battery backup system this may interest you. You can view each video individually on my personal website, or watch on Youtube directly : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYNu3VxihUFVfLRA4Ai-RA Episode 1 - http://iankreer.com/2017/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-1/ Episode 2 - http://iankreer.com/2017/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-1-2/ Episode 3 - http://iankreer.com/2017/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-3/ Episode 4 - http://iankreer.com/2017/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-4/ Episode 5 - http://iankreer.com/2018/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-5/ Episode 6 - http://iankreer.com/2018/building-a-tesla-inspired-powerwall-for-my-reef-episode-6/
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