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  1. Time for my annual update, It was cold, i was bored, I took a few shots. Tank has been doing really well, just running on auto-pilot. Feel free to folow along on instagram, I just started there (for the reef) but I'm going to try and keep it updated. @tinpansreef
  2. Ayup, an AI Vega. I've converted them to hydra 52's now tho. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Well the reef is doing just fine, still really haven't bought much coral for it but the ones i do have are doing just fine. I did have a snafu a few weeks ago from me being lazy, the skimmer overflowed back into the sump, which caused the skimmer to overflow even more turning the sump into a giant foamy mess. Tank looked like crap for about a week. I ended up with a few burnt tips on some of the coral. I just ended up tearing down the sump, cleaning everything (it was due anyway) and doing about a 50% WC. I can't remember if I passed this along or now, but after fighting 2 years I'm happy to say I'm bryopsis free. Got a few shots in today as well, didn't do a FTS as we have all the xmas stuff all over the place and the wife would have a melt down if I posted a pic of the mess. Wrasse A key player in the bryopsis removal - One Spot Foxface This guy has exploded with growth Cornbred something or other My Blue Berry Fantasy - Getting really big considering it started as a spec. Full resolution can be seen here
  4. Well, it's been awhile since my last update, and since it's been a rainy weekend I decided to pull out my gear. Tank is doing pretty good, still knocking out the last of the bryopsis and only have a small patch or two left. Picked up a one-spot foxface and he rather enjoys the stuff. Other than that I really haven't added much to the tank, been buying lenses instead. And you thought reefing was an expensive hobby. Photobomb..... I shut the pumps off for a FTS, that's why the water looks low. A quick one of the nem that just keeps splitting..... *sigh* And a few corals. Colors are great! That's it for now, was fun shooting the tank again, it's been too long.
  5. Tanks doing great! I'll try and get updated photos next weekend. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Working on grabbing a few updates this week, but did get a few new shots of the fish. Most behaved well in front of the lens. On a separate note, I did finally do another water test last week, first one since last October, everything still the same except the Po4 is back where I want it at .03
  7. I'm using a T3i right now. For shooting corals I use a 100mm 1:1 macro F2.8 For shooting FTS's and "through the glass" side shots I use a 24-105 F/4 L. I'm hoping for a 5D MKIII for Xmas, but will likely just buy the 6D as I'm not sure I want to drop the extra grand on the 5D. If it were me I'd invest in good glass and worry about upgrading bodies down the road. That's what I've been doing. With the exception of a good wide angle EF-S lens, I'd just stick to buying EF lenses unless you know for sure you'll never upgrade to a full frame camera. I'm sure Nikon has something similar, but I'm a Canon guy through and through. I did own a Nikon back in the 80's during my "film" days, the glass is great, but I had issues with the camera eating flim when running the continous drive motor. Switched to Canon and never looked back. Other than glass, buy a good tripod. Can't stress this enough, don't skimp on a tripod. Get the best you can afford. Get a white balance lens cap. The best is made by Expodisc (about 100 bucks) but the Promaster knockoff works just fine and will only cost you about 15 bucks. Also pick up a porthole for good topdown shots. Lastly, a remote release. Pretty inexpensive, but if all else fails, you can use the timer function so you don't have to touch the camera to shoot. If you have other questions or if i've confused you even more, just ask. I tend to get really really excited talking about camera gear. Sometimes I have to let my inner nerd out to play.
  8. lol, I always feel guilty if I post too many photos. I don't want to be the "photo bomb" guy. But the tank is doing just fine, hitting all the usual problems with a new tank. Bit of algae here and there, I few spots of cyano in the sandbad. More than likely from running biopellets. I lost the fairy wrasse a week or so ago, he jumped because the dottyback was being a tool. There was only the slightest crack around my screen but he got through it. Corals are doing really good, everything has great color. Even my forest fire digi has finally gotten some green showing up on it. Never got that when it was in the 29. I've always heard it was near impossible to get the green to show up under LEDs. I'm running them pretty high now, I'm sure that's the reason for it. The only thing(s) not doing well in the tank are my chalices. darn shame too, several cornbred and WWC ones in there withering away. I'm ever hopeful they will rebound. Other than that, pretty quiet. I'll get some new photos up soon, hoping for a new camera from Santa, but I haven't been that good this year. lol
  9. I figured it was time for a small update. New tank is at the 6 month mark. I really haven't done much with it, just letting it run on auto-pilot. Despite an OCD'ish approach to preventing anything get into the new tank, the dreaded bryopsis I've been battling for years in the 29 managed to make it into the new tank. Took it 5 months to show up. It's not bad, but truly pisses me off. I guess it gives me something to fuss over. New FTS - just ignore the sun reflection, I got sloppy. Here's a before/after shot of the blueberry fantasy (3 months growth) Never lost it's colors, and doing great. Here's the unknown milli, it did loose its color, but growing well and very slowly getting colors back. (2 months growth) and another Now just a few random shots Forest Fire Shades of Fall (colors way off) I have a few rescued frags of ORA Borealis I have a big colony of this Miyagi, but this is a small tip that brokeoff and has grown big and healthy
  10. Thanks! It's embassising to admit, I had more lenses in my backpack than I did free swag, sometimes my priorties suck.
  11. Try the nano blend, much smaller, but not too small imo Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Unknown Mille, was a nice find late Sunday when pickings were slim
  13. Sorry, just saw thisthread, I would have posted them straight here instead of starting another thread. http://wamas.org/forums/topic/74809-macna-memories/
  14. Took this from a post I made in my home club, thought y'all would enjoy it also. Was a great event, thanks to all that helped put this on! Anyone grab any good photos at MACNA? I didn't spend as much time taking photos as I thought I would, apparently I spent too much time chatting with people. But here are a few I managed to grab, this was my first MACNA, but I was surprised at all the Jelly Tanks, they were so cool! So of course I took ALOT of jelly photos. Found this motley crew loitering in the raffle area. Thought this was a nice looking tank, but the critter at the bottom center (zoomed in below) caught my attention, worlds largest mojano? (joking) Jellies! Oh my Scolly!
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