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  1. Man that looks great, come a loong way
  2. Still living woot, will try to log on more kids work racing....hope all are well Need to replace some lights, old black boxes from that first order are finally fire hazards...any suggestions on cheapos...4ft 80g, running 4 t5s as well
  3. Its needle in a haystack, only have a few acros, that are starting to do well with just my kalk reactor...still have a fox flame and pink lemonade. Tank has been on autopilot, auto water changes and neglect.....lost my white led drivers on the really old black boxes.....running 2 t5s plus the blue. Dirty as ever but kids still love feeding the fish. Good to see all the OG still around. Hopefully ill make the next meeting.
  4. Just wanted to drop in and say hello, life has been very busy, kids, racing, started a driver coaching and data sales business, and my day job. Still have an 80g and a 8g which will be taken down soon. So today noticed my clowns acting a little protective. For years i wanted this to happen. Gonna try ro log in a little more often but If anyone needs huge pieces of monti caps i have several overgrown and then some (starburst is just huge)
  5. Maybe that magnet you found rusting away?
  6. I meant glue plug to rock (not coral) in case is leaching something that's irritating them If you wanna borrow an all test let me know just got a new one and am working from home tomorrow. And yes, I want to still know I can eventually get my tank back to it's glory params
  7. What did you glue them down with? Generally if the skin is peeling off I say alk. But pics d ont appear that way. Another thing to consider....was it a new bag of salt lately? I'd think of a polypad or run a little carbon or so a water change in case it has to do with the glue, or take a look after lights out...again the distance corals can battle from is crazy
  8. When my alk was off the sps seemed to be very sensitive to any touching of the tank, once I left alone stayed fine. Ones I touched or cleaned the plugs off of sometimes even died....never got a handle on why but seemed to stop happening once I got my alk corrected... But I did have a while in the 90g where anything within 12 inches of an acan echinata would due randomly working a few weeks...ended up being warfare....moved to frag tank and that's when I noticed it eating a few close by corals at night.....warfare seems to go farther than I ever thought it could. Take it all with a grain, we are talking almost 7 years ago now....man I miss the sticks
  9. Whats your alk, how old is the kit Is it closer to other corals that may be attacking at night, What was on your hands when they moved Usually when I had random confined to an area bleaching like that it was because of another coral close by or cause my alk test kit had been off usually high, and if I touched any they bleached Maybe I'm wrong, haven't had a good sps tank in too long Though I'm finally getting my frags to color up
  10. Avast pumps have been best for me on both ago, and auto water change
  11. Manifolds are easily expandable, run it along the back to a Tee with a threaded shut off valve. If you ever need to add a manifold can just add as much as you need to that Really you only need it for however many reactors you run.....biopellet, carbon, go, or if you feed your skimmer that way.... For 22gal, I doubt if run any of that but who knows you seem to have had good success with out em
  12. If your gonna run a manifold you can always do the tried and true mag 9. T off where you need to and if still too mich flow have a last one just bleed off back into the sump to keep things moving I have my mag 9 on a gate valve turned down a bit with no issues (pump is about 8years old) I've been tempted by dc pumps but just haven't pulled the trigger Key for the overflow is havin it on a gate valve so you can tune full siphon
  13. Not at all tom, and again thank you to marine depot
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