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  1. Hi NovaReef.  I may be interested in the BTAs you posted on WAMAS.  I have an EVO 13.5 (10 gal. display).  My tank's been running for almost 1.5 years, and I think I might like to try a  anemone finally.  I see you are in Kingstowne, and I'm just down the road in Lorton.  Do you still have any for sale?  If so, are the specimens small enough for a tank like mine?  I've seen your posts online, and assumed you were in NoVA... but glad to see someone else in WAMAS & the hobby is so close.




    1. NovaReef


      Hi Dave! So have you seen my Instagram posts? I have plenty of small nems perfect for that size of a tank!

    2. dmankin


      NovaReef - yes, I have seen your pix on Instagram - BEAUTIFUL stuff!!  I'm fairly new to the reef hobby, and this will be my first step into the anemone world - looking forward to it (and hope my 2 ocellaris clownfish like the idea too).  You mentioned that you have both Rainbow and Rose BTAs.  Is there one preferable/easier/better for a 1st in a small tank?  I hope you don't mind my picking your brain on this - it's all new to me.  Any care/feeding tips would be appreciated.


      Assuming I am able to get an anemone from you, when/how is a good way to hookup?




    3. NovaReef


      I'm in Alexandria/Kingstowne, so you can come over and check out the setup anytime! Both are super easy with good enough lighting. Its only a matter of preference whether you want some greens or other colors in there too or not. My clowns love them! You can always text me at (814)880-0256 for faster replies and easier communication! Or send me a DM on Insta!

  2. I have been a WAMAS member for just over a year. I attended my 3rd meeting yesterday afternoon. The assembled folks in attendance were warm, welcoming and delightful. My teenage son & I really had a great time. Mr. Wayne Scott’s presentation was wonderful, inspiring, and I had an opportunity to talk with him afterward. What a delightful person. For the first time, I actually had my number(s) drawn in the raffles, and won three items. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors of these prizes: · Cobalt Aquatics for both the 75 W Easy-Therm heater and the Pro-Breeder Premium Fish Flakes. · Also Boyd Enterprises for the Chemi-pure Blue Nano 12-month Supply! I leave each meeting with valuable knowledge and new friends. My son & I are already looking forward to the next one! Thank you again for a great meeting and generous prizes! My best, David
  3. dmankin

    Fluval EVO 13.5 filter mods?

    Megan - You'll have to be very picky as to what heater will fit in the chamber with the pump. There's not much room. I use the Fluval PS2 skimmer, and it does a good job of pulling junk out of the water - it's finicky & not all that quiet, though. The stock pump is weak, and I know some have swapped out for a Sicce Syncra 1.0. I have an InTank basket in the center chamber. Great little tank, though. Mine has been up & running for 15 months now - going well. Good luck (and see you at the shop some time), Dave