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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hey everyone, Since I found out the unfortunate new that Incredible Corals is now out of business, I am looking for a new LFS to get my corals from. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Also does anyone know of a LFS that takes trade ins of coral like Incredible Corals did? I am located in Woodbridge VA Thanks so much.
  3. Welcome to the club!! I'm also a Woodbridge reefer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I soaked it for a long time in fresh water. The tank has been up for a good 6 months now. I'm located in Woodbridge Va. And the test kit I've been using is the API reef master test kit.
  5. Okay cool its just a lot of stuff im trying to learn right now. With the rock I had bought it from someone but i freshwater dipped them because they had a lot of pests inside of them so it pretty much killed all the good and bad stuff on them.
  6. I'm new to all of this and I honestly don't understand what else I'm doing wrong but clearly I'm doing something wrong LOL
  7. Update: I took out 9 gallons of water and cleaned the gravel in the aquarium and put new water using distilled water from walmart and reef crystal salt. Hopefully it helps a bit im going to try testing again in the morning.
  8. Okay thanks ya I will deff test the spring water then it only makes sense that it could be one of the only problems im having since im not adding anything extra to the aquarium. I'm going to go ahead and try distilled till I get a chance to get a ro/di system. I appreciate all the advice
  9. I usually go to walmart and buy the gallon jugs of spring water for my water changes but im looking to invest in a ro/di system for sure. Any advice to get my phosphates down i cant seem to get them under control. I have a poly pad and a bag of rowa phos in my back chamber and still no luck i dont even feed the fish much since there is only 3 of them.
  10. Yeah it seemed really weird to me to have my levels be that off with only doing water changes. My phosphate is only 0.25 and my nitrates are zero but its saying my alkalinity is very low and calcium is very high. But I will deff look into the salifert kit thanks
  11. Thanks I will deff let you guys know. I greatly appreciate the advise.
  12. thanks for the advice everyone im gonna do a big water change to help make the levels better and see how it goes from there and thanks for the clarification i will make sure to use alkalinity next time
  13. the only thing i use is instant ocean reef crystals as my salt for my water changes do about 5 gallon water change weekly and i used the api reef master test kit for both the calcium and carbon
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