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  1. The tank is looking great! My dad would be very happy with what you've done with it Marty
  2. I am setting up a nano reef using some of the the live rock from my dad's tank that I sold last month. Are there any good places to mail order fish? Prices locally seem to have gotten out of control :( Thanks. Marty Bow front tank (I think it's 24 gallons) Tunze skimmer (works great if you get the water level right) Auto top off Lights (not sure if I'm sold on LED's yet)
  3. Thanks everyone that inquired. The tank is gone.
  4. This was a freshwater plant tank. It has scratches on the front glass, but is usable. It was just emptied and holds water. Free to the first person that can pick it up asap. Thanks. Marty mdippel@comcast.net 443-910-4069
  5. I am looking to buy (or have built) a cube tank in the 40 to 60 gallon range. This is going to be a freshwater tank, so I won't need an overflow. I would prefer a rimless tank if possible. What brand should I look for or who builds nice tanks? I looked at Glass Cages, but I hear that they are not so good. Thanks. Marty
  6. Thanks for posting this here. My dad kept fish for as long as I can remember. We started our first reef tank back in the 80's when no one really knew what they were doing. He loved the 220. That tank and gardening were his two passions. As his health failed, he would sit in his fish room for hours, just watching the tank. I breaks my heart not to be able to keep it, but I think it's going to a good home. Paul is going to combine it with one of his existing tanks and donate the rest of the rock to a local school. I think my dad would have liked that. Thanks again for your help in finding a good home for the tank. Marty
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