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WAMAS Tank of the Month

Never in a thousand years would I have thought that my setup might be selected for this honor. I feel there are so many outstanding tanks out there and mine is still developing and coming into its own. My goal, having been a scuba diver for the past 25 years, is to create something that is both a pleasure to look at, and a pleasure to spend time with.

My tank is a 240g Custom Aquarium, measuring 8í x 2í x 2í. The tank stand is built at bar height level, located in my Capitals Man Cave (basement). The system has an Artfully Acrylic sump that holds over 100 gallons.

The tank has two overflow boxes supplying water to a Sicce Syncra HF 12.0 return pump (3200 GPH). Two synchronized MP60s provide in-tank circulation.

Four Ecotech Radion 30 pros provide illumination. I love the way I have been able to create the sunrise and sunset effect when they are synchronized. In my opinion they give a great spectrum of lighting without the heat and monthly cost. I know there is a lot of debate over lighting, but this works for me.

My filtration consist of 200 pounds of BRS Reef Saver Dry Rock (now live), 140 pounds of Special Grade Arag-Alive Reef Sand, two 7Ē x 16Ē filter socks, 50 pounds of Miracle Mud, 11 oz. of Eco Phos, a ball of chaeto, and a Vertex Alpha 250 protein skimmer.

I donít dose anything.

My livestock consists of a yellow tang, naso tang, two clown fish, two Kaudern's cardinalfish, falco hawkfish, Rollandís damselfish, sand sifting goby, flame angelfish, starry blenny, a blue/green chromis, four hermit crabs, a few nassarius and astraea snails, micro brittle stars, rose bulb anemone, frogspawn, different types of zoas and palys, elegance coral, long and short xenia, and red and hairy mushrooms. I really donít have a favorite; I love them all.

I currently have an APEX auto feeder on my tank that feeds two small meals a day of the APEX Crossover Diet. Every other day I alternate between flake and frozen mysis.

My current challenge is measuring and understanding my lighting. I really need to put some effort into sitting down and measuring the light schedule and intensity. There was a point where I would put something in the tank and it would melt away. I didnít know if it was the lights. Someone actually told me that the tank was too clean. Or that there isnít enough algae. This tank has been a learning process for me as I donít know many locals who use the Miracle Mud method.

I want to add more motion to the tank with those wavy softies. I love watching things open and close with the daylight and need a bit more live stock.

Thanks to all the WAMAS members Iíve gotten to know over the last couple of years. Special thanks to those who opened your home to a complete stranger and let me look at your systems. Also, thanks for all the feedback on the forums, and the help when I had a leak in my sump while I was on the west coast for work.

  • Salinity 1.024
  • Temperature 77 deg
  • Alkalinity 3.3
  • Calcium 370
  • Magnesium 1200
  • Phosphate 0.05
  • Nitrate 0.9

  • Display: 240g acrylic
  • Sump: 120g breeder
  • Skimmer: Vertex Alpha 250
  • Lighting: Four Radion G3 Pro
  • Return: Sicce Syncra HF 12.0
  • Circulation: Two MP60
  • Controller: Apex
  • Heater: 400w heater