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WAMAS Tank of the Month

With so many great tanks on WAMAS I am honored to share mine.

I set this tank up Oct of 2009 after moving in to this house. The display tank is a 120g All Glass 48x24x24, and I drilled it with two 1.5 inch overflows that drain to a DIY 40g breeder sump. The display has a 1-2 inch sand bed.

The main return pump is a Dart, which feeds the two in-tank returns. I also run 2 MP40s on each side panel with a MP 10 on the back panel for additional water movement. I run about 70 percent on nutrient export mode.

I started with an 8x54W T5 rig, but swapped it out for the Reef Illuminations by IceCap. The fixture has 2x250 XM 20K bulbs, 2 ATI Purple Plus T5s, and 2 LED tubes.

ASM G3 Skimmer and a fuge section of the sump that holds about 5 in of sand, some rock, and chaeto.

Geo 618 Calcium Reactor. Avast top off through an Avast Kalk Stirrer.

Fish include a powder blue tang, kole tang, Klein butterfly, flame angel, nox angel, 2 madarins, scribbled rabbitfish, purple firefish, Banggai cardinalfish, and a black clownfish. The tank is mainly sps but I also have ricordea, a crocea clam, purple death and fire and ice zoas, and a couple of lps. I have 2 skunk cleaners.

I feed flake and pellet twice a day via an Eheim auto feeder, and Jans Food 2-3 times a week.

I was nearly overrun by bubble algae for well over a year. I removed most of the rocks to catch a bully scopas tang and took the opportunity to remove a ton of bubbles. They have been under control for the last year or so. The initial outbreak of red bugs was unnoticed for several months. I thought the T5 lighting was insufficient for my sps so I moved to metal halides. Then I found the true culprit of the unhappy corals! Inspect all your coral BEFORE adding them.

This is the last tank until I retire from the military. I was lucky enough to be here for the last 5 years, which gave me the opportunity to let the tank grow in to what it is today. I am already dreading the impending sell off next spring. The post-retirement tank will be in the neighborhood of 220-300 gallons.

Thanks to all that have provided advice, comments, and encouragement either directly or indirectly. I will miss WAMAS immensely. Wherever we land after my first retirement, I hope to find a group as honest, funny, helpful, dedicated, and sharing as you all.

  • 1:00 PM LEDS on
  • 1:30 PM T5s on
  • 2:00 PM MH on
  • 8:00 PM MH off
  • 8:30 PM T5s off
  • 9:00 PM LEDs off

  • Salinity: 1.026 sg
  • Temperature: 78 - 80°F
  • Alkalinity: 7-9 dKH
  • Calcium: 410-420 ppm

  • Display - 120g AGA
  • Sump - 40g breeder
  • Skimmer - ASM G3
  • Lighting - IceCap Reef Illuminations
  • Return Pump - ReeFlo Dart