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WAMAS Tank of the Month

Hey whats up WAMAS! It is a huge honor to be highlighted as the TOTM. I grew up with WAMASI first signed up for the forum back in 12/18/2003, and I have learned and gained a tremendous amount through this club. In fact, most of my setup and corals come from other WAMAS members.

My current display is a 45g tank measuring 24x24x18 that has been running for two years. Since this is my first tank after a long break, I wanted a small tank that is more manageable. This is also my first tank to have a sump, as well as my first tank to use RO/DI water. I had been using tap water for 10+ years prior to getting back into the hobby, and better water has made a huge difference.

Water movement in this tank is provided by half of a Gyre XF-130 (took off one side) and a Jebao RW-4. The return pump is a Jebao DCT. I was a bit hesitant with the cheaper powerhead and return pump, but so far theyre holding up well.

I am running a Radion G3 with wide angle lenses. I am merely content with the light - not a big fan of the disco ball effect and I wish there was less shadowing. I am considering adding T5 to help with these issues, but I may end up just upgrading the whole system. I am running a 24w LED grow light over the sump, and Im very happy with the cheato growth so far.

For filtration I am running a SWC-120 skimmer and two blocks of MarinePure (8x8x4 and 8x8x1). I also run a media reactor that either has GFO or carbon depending on the situation. Sometimes I use a 200 micron filter sock for a few days if I see detritus in the water column. My live rock is BRS Pukani dry rock, which I highly recommend.

I dose kalk through my ATO, and sometimes I dose SeaChem Eight.Four to raise alk if the alk is the only thing thats low. I try to perform a 10% water change every other week with Red Sea Coral Pro salt to replenish trace elements.

I planned for this tank to have a heavy bioload (wanting to recreate the ordered chaos on a reef), so this tank houses mostly corals and inverts that thrive in nutrient-rich water. For fish, there are currently a pair of MochVinci clowns from BRS, a bicolor blenny, a yasha goby, and 5 green chromis. I have another 6 green chromis in my drop-off tank and I may move a few over to this 45g. The female MochaVinci clown has a ton of personality and is definitely my favorite fish. For corals, most of them came from fellow WAMAS members and LFS. I am particularly fond of the red montipora cap from Copps and the elegance coral from Pacific East.

I feed heavy, I mix LRS or Rods with frozen PE Mysis two or three times a week, and target feed the corals that actively capture food. I also broadcast feed Reef Chili / Coral Frenzy / Reef-Roids once in a while. I feed crushed up Prime Reef flakes multiple times a day mainly for the chromis shoal. I read that frequent feeding is one of the keys to keep these fish from excessive in-fighting. Well see how it pans out long term.

I struggled with dinos and cyano algae the first year when I was still using tap water. I was able to beat the algae back by blackout in conjunction with H2O2 dosing but they always come back. Most of the problems went away from I switched to RO/DI water. If there is one essential piece of equipment I would recommend, it would be a RO/DI unit. Now that I started venturing into more sensitive SPS corals, Im trying to keep the parameters more stable and it has been a challenge. I may finally start looking into dosing and eventually a controller.

Equipment-wise, I may look into a two-part doser. I am also waiting for a used 120g+ system to go on sale locally so Im hesitant to spend too much on the current system. For livestock, Im working towards successfully keeping a shoal of green chromis as they tend to start dwindling due to in-fighting. So far things seems to be going well. *knocks on wood*

I must reiterate how excited I am to be a featured tank this month. I have drooled over a lot of the TOTMs in the past so it is pretty amazing to be a part of it. In these years, I learned a lot from this club and I met a lot of amazing club members, but I never knew how good I had it until I started talking to reefers from other states and countries. We are very fortunate. I hope everyone enjoys my humble little tank; its pretty low-tech and rough around the edges compared to most of the TOTMs but I hope you still find a little charm in my glass box.

  • Display: 45g glass
  • Skimmer: SWC 120
  • Lighting: Radion G3
  • Return Pump: Jebao DCT
  • Circulation: Gyre XF-130 and Jebao RW-4

  • MochaVinci clownfish pair
  • Yasha goby
  • Bicolor blenny
  • Green chromis shoal
  • Deresa clam
  • Pistol shrimp
  • Cleaner shrimp
  • Three bubble-tip anemones

  • Salinity: 1.025
  • pH: 8.18
  • Alk: 7.7 dkh
  • Ca: 500 ppm
  • Mg: 1320 ppm
  • Ammonia: 0.25 ppm
  • Nitrate: 0 ppm
  • Phosphate: 0.65 ppm