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WAMAS Tank of the Month

I am so honored to be selected to be the TOTM of this month. Thanks for the nomination even - wow. Since I am still trying to make the fish and corals happy, this will boost my passion and interest. I have been keeping saltwater tanks since 2001. I just choose a 29 gallon to begin with, and 55 G to 72 G to the current 93 Cube tank. Going through all the trials and errors, I just happened to keep the fish, and coral survives and grows in my tank.

Currently, I have a 93 Marineland cube tank (30x30x24) which fits my dining room space perfectly (well, I removed the handrails). It doesn't have a sump below. I had a bad experience with the sump, due to my lack of knowledge and research, and my main level was flooded. My boss wants to have a tank without a sump - whether I got it or not - so I kept all the equipment attached to the tank, more or less.

I have a Vortech MP40 for the movement. I am using Reef Crest or Wave mode (I change between these two modes whenever I see something on the surface and the sandbed). I just blow them away with it and my corals and fish seem to adapt to that environment.

My lighting system is GHL Mirtras 6200HV. I had great success with ATI 24x8 bulbs, and I just wanted to change. So I changed to GHL Mirtras lighting that has programing capabilities from your computer.

Lighting starts around 11AM with actinic full on for 6 hours, getting reduced till 9PM, then goes to moon lighting mode. At first corals and fish didn't do well but as time has progressed, they seem to be doing great. I even have some growth and coloring on SPS.

For the filteration, I have a skimmer running 24 hours, 100 lbs of live rock and 3 inch sandbed. I don't have much choice since I don't have a sump. I use Aquamaxx Cones HOB hang-on skimmer. I would say it's the best on the market. I had about 20 different hang-on skimmers (trust me, I have been there and done that). This skimmer simply out performs every skimmer that I had in the past.

To be honest with you members, I don't know what my tank's vitals are. I have never checked anything other than salinity and manage my parameters with water changes. I can just see how the corals and fish doing, and if there is no polyp extension (it's rare these days). I do water changes. I did dose some 2 parts, but since I have lots of coralline algae, I assume it's ok to keep the SPS or LPS.

I have 4 fish in my tank: A Purple tang, a pair of maroon clowns, and a blue devil damsel that I've had since 2003.)

SPS (Red Dragon, Purple Bonsai, Rainbow monti, Ponape birdsnest, 500 dollar Efflo, Oregon Tort, Echinata)
Soft coral (Toad stool, Tyree Green Leather) 4-5 RBTA (it keeps splitting)

I just feed big chunks of shrimp for LPS and RBTAs weekly, seaweed for tang, and brine shrimp 3 times a week for the fish.

So far, I'm pleased that the corals have made it past the initial survival challenges. Now I am even more excited to see them grow.

I trim and sell or trade the big corals from time to time. The reason is that I want the coral to start from the frag and flourish in my tank. The growth patterns, shapes and colors are all different each time.

I have been a member of WAMAS since 2004. I've seen many old members have pass through and new members come in. This hobby takes a lot of time, effort and money. The best bet is to have some sort of mentor from the members - that's what I did. I have couple great guys to talk to and get advice.

  • Lights on with full actinic for 6 hrs, ramped down for 3 hrs to moonlight

  • Salinity: Not reported
  • Temperature: unknown
  • Alkalinity: unknown
  • Calcium: unknown
  • Magnesium: unknown
  • Phosphate: unknown
  • Nitrate: unknown

  • Display: 93g cube aquarium
  • Sump: none
  • Skimmer: Aquamaxx Cones HOB
  • Lighting: GHL Mirtras 6200HV
  • Circulation: Vortech MP40

  • Purple Tang
  • Pair of Maroon Clowns
  • Blue Devil Damsel
  • Red Dragon
  • Purple Bonsai
  • Rainbow Monti
  • Ponape birdsnest
  • 500 Dollar Efflo
  • Oregon Tort
  • Echinata
  • Frogspawn
  • Torch
    Soft coral
  • Toad stool
  • Tyree Green Leather

  • 4-5 RBTA