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WAMAS Tank of the Month

I appreciate everyone’s nomination as well as taking the time to view my tank and enjoy it as much as I have with my family. My journey started in July 2013 with basic knowledge, but with the help of the club and club members, I was able to establish the tank I have today. This tank was set up just 3 months after we had our twin girls. I am sure many of you are thinking, “what were you guys thinking!!!” Yes, it was a lot of work in the beginning. With the demands of raising twins, we both had to find the time and energy to take care of the tank. Seeing how my family enjoys the tank and all of its inhabitants definitely makes it worth it. It is truly an honor to be selected for December’s TOTM.

My current tank is a 100 gallon sps-dominant mixed reef tank with a 20 gallon sump. There are 9 fish, a clam, and an urchin. The tank is located in the living room so it is the first thing my family sees when we walk in and the last thing we see before we go upstairs for bed.

Two wireless MP 40s at opposite ends provide most of the in-tank water movement. I use a programmed schedule that is mainly set to reef crest anti sync. There is a tidal swell cycle in the afternoon and a nutrient export cycle in the evening. There is a built in overflow to the sump, and I use a Mag 9 as the return pump.

My current lighting consists of 2 EcoTech Radions suspended from the ceiling with standard hanging kits. It is about 7 inches from the water surface running at 70% with a custom schedule. It ramps up in the morning to 18K, 14K, 18K and ramps down.

My filtration is about 120lbs of live rocks, an AquaC ev240, a small refugium with chaetomorpha. Two reactors run carbon and GFO in small amounts. I do regular 20% water change every two weeks with Reef Crystals.

Two BRS dosers are connected to a Reefkeeper. They are set on multi timer, which doses the tank on the hour with 30 minute off set between Brightwell code A and B. Alkalinity is normally around 8.5 and calcium stays around 420. I test the water every 5-7 days and make adjustments accordingly.

There are 11 fish in the tank. Two clownfish, a hippo tang, yellow tang, mandarin, fox face, flame wrasse, flame angel, Barlett’s anthias, annularis angelfish and melanurus wrasse. There is also a derasa clam and an urchin.

I am currently feeding LRS foods every other day and flakes and pellets in between. I add a strip of Nori every other day.

In the first year of setting up the tank, I learned that any lack in husbandry leads to issues. I am constantly trying to learn from my mistakes and find ways to avoid the same mistakes. Keeping consistent growth and color is something I am trying to perfect.

It has been quite the journey with setting up this 1st tank. I hope to start setting up a bigger tank when the girls get old enough to help me. For now, my next project will be setting up a much smaller tank for my office. Will be starting another build thread soon!

My tank would not be possible without the dedication of WAMAS leaders and organizers who have contributed their time and knowledge to the club. It’s truly an honor and I value the support from the club and its committed members. Happy Holidays everyone, from my family to yours!

  • Display: 100g
  • Sump: 20g
  • Skimmer: AquaC ev240
  • Lighting: EcoTech Radion x2
  • Return Pump: Mag 9
  • Circulation: MP40 x2
  • Dosing: BRS dosers