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WAMAS Tank of the Month

Rob Gunnett (zygote2k)

Congratulations Rob, on being selected tank of the month.


  • 5 assorted Lyretail Mollies
  • Purple Tang
  • Yellow Tang
  • Flame Hawk
  • McCullochs Pseudochromis

The tank is a NAGA built 36" cube with a false wall overflow that holds approximately 120g. It is supported by a welded steel stand and has a NAGA built sump featuring the ultra-quiet drain box. I use an AVAST CS2 recirc skimmer and a deep sand bed that is inside a 6x8x12 sweater box inside the sump.

Maintenance Schedule

I do weekly 15% water changes, add top-off water in 3-5 gallon surges, and clean the algae off the glass from time to time. I spend a total of maybe an hour a week doing maintenance.

Water Parameters

With regular water changes, I find that Ca, ALk, pH stay pretty stable. Nitrate is really my only concern. The tank typically runs between 5 and 20ppm N03.

Water Movement

I use a single Koralia 4 pointed at a rock wall with very diffuse current being spread around the tank. The return pump is a Mag7 and provides some additional flow. LPS and softies prefer very slow water current to thrive. Just enough to was away the wastes from biological processes but not enough to blow their delicate tissues into the rocks. The Wellsophyllias expand to nearly 400% of their skeletal size.


3 channel Chucelli built 36x3w custom DIY fixture enclosed by a LoCo Woodworks burl box. 50/50 mix of blue and white seems to give the best color blend with minimal disco ball effect. The corals seem to love it and grow profusely. I run a typical dawn/dusk effect with the first channel controlling all blue, then the second channel controlling 1/3 of the whites, then the remaining channel controlling the rest of the whites. Total run time is 12 hours.

Salt Brand

  • Mixed snails
  • Mixed hermits
  • Donkey Dung Cucumber
  • Pistol Shrimp
  • Emerald Crabs
  • Millions of feather dusters
  • Mixed bag of sponges
  • Billions of 'pods

Instant Ocean of course. If Shedd Aquarium has successfully bred Beluga whales in captivity using I/O, then it's good enough for my purposes.


I predominantly grow LPS, so there isn't as great of a demand for Ca/Alk as with SPS tanks. Regular w/c keeps the Alk stable at 3.2 -3.8 meq/l and the Ca stays at a near constant 375ppm. pH is 8.15 or so during the day and drops to 7.9 at night.

I don't dose.


I feed my fish and corals 3-5 times a day with 6 different types of foods. Variety is the spice of life.

Advice for noobs and beginners

  • Rasta Wellsophyllia
  • Nuclear Green Wellsophyllia
  • Kaleidoscope Wellsophyllia
  • Pink Cynarina
  • Rainbow Oulophyllia
  • Xmas Symphyllia
  • Warpaint Solymia
  • Purple/Green/Blue Favites
  • Xmas Lobophyton
  • Assorted Fungias
  • Assorted Chalices
  • Orange Wall Hammer
  • Assorted Palys/Zoas
  • JPBurleson Cobalt Shrooms
  • Purple Tonga Shrooms
  • Acropora Spongodes
  • Acropora Lokani
  • Acropora Milliepora

Read as many up to date reef books as you can find before buying a fish tank and getting your hands wet. The internet and the LFS is such a poor place to get an education in this hobby. Books such as, "The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium", "Dynamic Aquaria", and "The Reef Aquarium" are where you should get your formative education, then find the successful aquarists and learn their secrets. When you have these essentials under your belt, then start your aquarium. Buy it right the first time.


Other Hobbies.
I'm an avid mountain biker, brewer/distiller, and collector of strange things. I also like to hike and climb mountains, take lots of pictures, and drink beer.

My screen name..
When Y2k was upon us, I had heard of the ancient chinese tale of when the thousand year old egg hatches, then the world will change. Since this was 2000, I decided to use Zygote2K as my online handle.

What's the last book that I have read.
I like to say that it was "Atlas Shrugged" but that was last year. I read hundreds of books a year and the last one that comes to mind was, "Patriots".

Scotch or Bourbon.
Neither- Corn Likker is the best. But if I were at home sharing a drink and BS-ing about the tank, it would have to be, "Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon".

Things I wish I knew 6 years ago.
Invest in Australian Coral Collection operations.