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WAMAS Tank of the Month

John Yauger
(Kimchi Corals)

Congratulations John, on being selected tank of the month.

About the Tank

Favorite Corals
  • Babys breath Favia
  • Triple Threat Favia
  • Metallic Pink Favia
  • Blue chalice
  • Mummy Eye enchino
  • Metallic Pink Enchino
  • Oregon Tort
  • Shaun Bennet Tort
  • Aqua Delight
  • Orange Digi

Experience in hobby

How long have you been doing this?

1 Year.

Who got you into the hobby?

My brother who is an avid aquarist.

Who in the hobby most influences you?

Of course my bro.

Tank setup and equipment

The main display tank is 180gallons acrylic tank by NAGA. Dimensions are 55"X30"X36". The Tank has a main overflow/drain in the center of the tank the flows to a 39g tall sump in a remote location. The tank also features a closed loop system that is powered by a sequence Dart pump and oceans motions 4 way. An 8 lamp T5 Teklight supplies the lighting for the tank with 2 LED moon lights for night illumination. Additional equipment includes, APF 600 Deltec skimmer, 40W Aqua UV sterilizer, carbon reactor, Grey seas aquatics M15 calcium reactor and Kalkstirrer, Neptune ACIII controller, Refugium 10g with cheato, ATO, 100gpd RODI unit, Triplite Battery backup system.

  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Kole Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Yellow Tang
  • Green Mandarin
  • Lawnmower Blenny
  • False percs (2)
  • Tomato Clowns (2)
  • Six line wrasse

What is your maintenance schedule like?

I clean the tank once a week and service all equipment at least once every 3 months.

I change 20g of water per week.
I make RO water.
I Check the Alk/Ca/Mg levels once a week.
I Clean the tank.
I Change the filters as needed usually once a week.

What brand salt do you use??

Instant Ocean

What do you feed your fish and or corals?

I just keep it simple and feed a combination of Formula 1 and 2 pellet everyday.

How do you maintain calcium/alkalinity?

I keep the calcium and alk up with kalkwasser and the calcium reactor. I dose the Mg weekly.

Do you dose anything? If so, how much, how often?

I don't dose anything else.

Do you use vitamins or amino acids?

Probally a good idea to do but I have success without it.

What type of lighting do you have and what schedule do you have them on?

T5 8 bulbs 4 are actinic. I keep the lights on for 12 hours a day.

Where do you keep your water parameters?

Specific Gravity 1.025, Temp 79 degrees, Ca 400 meq, Mg 1300, and Alk 8 KH.

Do you have any tricks or methods to keep your water parameters where you have them?

Water changes on a routine interval.

What kind of water flow do you have? How do you accomplish it?

Closed loop system that pushes 2200gallons of flow an hour. The closed loop drain and returns all originate on the bottom of the tank and provides a clean no power head look to the tank.

What are your future plans for improvement/upgrade of the tank?

More intricate corals.

What makes your setup special or unique?

The tank is viewable from 360 degrees. No power heads, cords, or cables obstructs the view anywhere in the tank. This approach also allows the reef to be completely different on each side. The front side is primarily sps while the back side has numerous LPS and softies.

If you had to start from scratch, would you do anything different?

More room for the equipment. I would love to have a sump that is as large or larger than the display tank itself. This allows for all the equipment to be insump and reduces the risk of leaks or floods. I would also consider glass instead of acrylic. I absolutely love the versilitily of acrylic but its propensity for scratching easily is irritating.


What are your other hobbies?

Fly fishing, Coins, and Cooking.

What kind of music are you into right now?

All music is wonderful.

Who would you most like to meet past present or future?

Jesus Christ!

If you could go one place on earth where would it be?

Patagonia for trout Fishing.

Why did you choose the screen name you did?

My Korean heritage is so important to me!

What is the last book you read?

Bill Oreilly Culture Warrior.

  • Blood Red Fire Shrimp
  • Cleaner Shrimp
  • Snails
  • Hermit Crabs

Football or basketball?

Football of course!

Scotch or burbon?

Scotch I love the peat taste.

Do you have any advice for those folks whom are new to the hobby.

READ READ READ before you leap. Or you will be sorry. Also, never give up.

Things I wish I knew 6 years ago:

Nothing Really, I'm still a student when it comes to reef keeping. I'm sure 10 years from now when I'm on my 3rd or 4th tank I will have a comment for this.