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Fish Stock list for 180g

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Hello Wamas,

I am upgrading from a 45g to a  6 ft 180g (Waterbox 230.6) in a couple weeks and would like any input on my stock list. I have done a ton of research and am familiar with the husbandry for all the fish listed and been at this for years but this is the first time I can have a good bit of fish in a large tank. This group is full of people with awesome knowledge . Any thoughts/opinions are welcome just want to make sure I am not missing anything or about to overload my tank. Will be a mixed reef but large majority soft corals, some easier sps, few lps and a few nems. I have a few inverts I have picked up from Wamas members over the years just some strawberry crabs, couple hermits, snails, urchins but no shrimp will probably remain that way. About 140#s of live rock from Wamas members in the display with another 20 in the sump plus alot of pond matrix I have had for years. Will have a fuge and a skimmer. 

Existing fish 

2 ocellaris clowns

Flame hawkfish

Mystery wrasse

Starry blenny

Sapphire damsel

New additions(plan on introducing in 2 or 3 waves) 

Hippo tang 

4x lyretail anthias 1 male 3 females(alot of different experiences I have read on this)

Yellow coris wrasse

Royal gramma

2 bangaii cardinals

Ornate leopard wrasse

Marine betta

Quoyi parrotfish 


Potential adds 

Regal angelfish (I have read besides the Genicanthus these guys seem to be fairly coral safe as far as angels go but would love if anyone had experience with them)

Another clown pair (mine are your typical goofballs and live on a zoa colony and arent really aggressive) I plan to put them in the new tank by the colony so they live on it again at one end. I have read mixed things about 2 pairs in a 6ft tank but think I could get away with them on opposite ends. 


Any input is welcome. Thanks Wamas!






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