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LRS Foods becomes a distributor of NLS and prepares to break ground to expand!

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Hello WAMAS!


Admittedly I've been a little distracted and haven't posted in our forum in a while. Thank you to Tom @Origami for reaching out to remind me I needed to send you guys some food for the club meetings. So what's new with Larry and the gang at LRS? Well a LOT of stuff has been happening over the past few months....


To start, many of you likely heard about the Indonesian coral ban that went into effect around May of last year. Immediately after that was imposed retailers who were unable to purchase their usual corals seemed to begin buying more fish. Well this lead to more fish being housed and sold, and as you might have guessed LRS "Frenzy" food sales skyrocketed. We increased headcount to eight employees, including adding our son to the payroll while he carries 12+ college credits in business school each semester. In addition to the retail sales of our standard foods the aquaculture food we produced called "Fertility Frenzy" continues to gain in popularity. This food is currently being used by two laboratories in Florida and in Hawaii as a broodstock food for the captive breeding of yellow tangs, etc. We now export our foods to about 9 countries, including Canada as well as supply many public aquariums. Being this busy has hindered our ability to do much traveling for industry shows but by being diligent we've stayed on top of our inventory to avoid any shortages.


LRS Foods has a great relationship with our retailers and we are always seeking ways to help increase their ability to access premium aquarium foods. We recently announced that we are distributing the entire line of New Life International pellet and flake foods. You may know this pellet by the common name "Spectrum" with the bright blue lid on the jar. This brand is time proven and is very popular for use in auto feeders and as a supplement to frozen foods. So now in addition to our own for blends we offer retailers products from PE Mysis, Reef Nutrition, Benereef and New Life. We are truly ramping up to be a #OneStopFishFoodShop with an online ordering system which makes it easy for retailers to order all these items 24/7, 365 days a year.


So what's next? A NEW BUILDING IS COMING and we are excited!


With all if this growth we are maxed out in our current space so we had to think of something, and fast! So we met with an architect to draw up plans for a 2400 square foot detached garage/shipping station. From the ground up this is designed with storage of dry goods and additional freezers in mind. Located adjacent to our current building the original shipping bay and the new will be less than 20 feet from one another. This will facilitate easy "order picking" and the two daily pick ups we get from Fed-Ex. In addition to storage on the first floor, there will be three rooms in the loft, one of which is intended to be an office. I'm not gonna lie, the big room upstairs is getting a pool table and big screen TV because life can't be all work right? The footers for the foundation are being poured on May 1st with a move in date hopefully 90 days after that. We should be geared up in plenty of time before the Fall holiday rush kicks in. Prior to our move in date we hope to able to publicly announce another popular food brand will be coming under our roof so LRS Foods can provide an even larger array of products to the hundreds of retailers in our network.


I would like to say thank you to the club and all the members for the ongoing support over the last 5+ years as well as your patronage. If anyone every has any questions please feel free to email me at Larry@ReefFremzy.com or hit me up on Facebook (where I spend an insane amount of time interacting with consumers.) Thanks again for reading all of this and following along in our journey as hobbyists turned entrepreneurs.

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Good morning WAMAS! I appreciate the "thank you" messages and hope everyone is enjoying the club meetings and the chance to take home some LRS food.


I figured I would take a moment to update the club our new building's progress. This new building is pre-wired for a back up generator and will become the new shipping center for all of our operations. We will have floor to ceiling shelving for dry goods as well as a wall of freezers to pull product from to pack orders. There will be a shipping conveyor like the one pictured, as well as a Fed Ex label printer and scale. The new double bay shipping center will give us MUCH more elbow room. The two windows on the left will be fore my new office upstairs. Adjacent to the office will be nice patio door and deck over looking the yard, which is a mess right now...lol. This week we are expected to pour the concrete floor, finish the upper deck and then it's off to the races with insulation and drywall. We hope to be moved in just in time for the busy Fall season when retailers see increased foot traffic .


Many folks may not be aware of the fact that LRS is a distributor of many other brands in addition to our own foods. We distribute PE Mysis, Reef Nutrition, Benepets, Poly Filter, Coral Frenzy, New Life Spectrum, Two Little Fishes feeding gadgets, etc. When our construction is complete we will be adding even more brands to our line up to enable retailers to get all the premium foods they need from one vendor.

We are really thankful to all of the customers who have supported us along our journey to provide the hobby with quality aquarium foods. We post updates often on the LRS Foods Facebook page and our Instagram page is #reeffrenzy for those so inclined to follow us. Of course our website at LRSFoods.com has our searchable dealer map, media gallery and testimonial page showcasing recent captive breeding projects we have been involved with.

Thanks again and Happy Reefing.



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It's been satisfying following LRS' growth in this area, Larry. Great job and best wishes for continued success!

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