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Coral in the Capitol

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Hey everyone, so this tank has been up for a while, and this thread will mostly be a mirror of my thread on R2R: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/coral-in-the-capitol.463350/


Its a 90g "cube" from SCA. 36x24x24 with the upgraded cabinent in american grey, it started in oct 2018



Mandarin Goby

Tomini Tang

2x Davinci Clowns

Rosey wrasse, c. rosiafacia

lawnmower blenny



Coral List:

A lot of acros, a mix of high end with some that I just like and dont really have a name for, I am working on creating a catalog of them all.

Mixed Zoas

Xenia... I know people dont like it, but it was the first coral I ever got when I started my first tank about 10 years ago, so I have an attachment to it



2 torches

Rainbow BTA

2 chalices

various other SPS



2x ecotech radion G4 Pros set to WWC AB+ modificaition

Fuge has a Kessil H160



2x ecotech MP40's

1 Icecap 1k gyre

Return- Ecotech Vectra M1


Controlled with an ApexEl with quiet a few modules


Currently dos BRS 2 part, and have a DOS setup for AWC.


Here it currently is as of 3/10:



A progression of FTS's:



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Very cool! Are you in DC, hence the capitol reference? 

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