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Favorite LED light fixtures

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Any thoughts from reefers who have used fixtures they live would be appreciated. On the high end are the AI Hydras and Kessils worth they money? How do they compare and hold up over time?


What would be other some other recommendations? Open to all considerations. I do like the option to mount on a bracket and leave my ceiling alone on this next build. I also would like something ideally that can be programmed to have a night moonlight setting. But again open to all thoughts; thanks for the help!



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I have radions over my display and love them. The reeflink controller is a little finicky but I’m glad I made the move from T5. Less heat, easier to control and work around the top of the tank. 


I also run some ocean revive T247’s on some other tanks that are very good as well. They aren’t as fancy, but for LPS/Softie tanks with minimal SPS they do a great job. Plus the price point of $190/each ain’t too bad either. 


I was lucky to pick up some Gen 3 Pro radions for a good deal used. Not sure I could have bought 3 brand new Gen 4’s without a little pain in the wallet. 


It all just depends on your budget and how you want the lights to look astetically. 

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