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Capital Aquarium

New Month, New Fish! (3/1 Stock Update)

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Our tanks are packed so yours can be, too!
Dwarf angels: flame and coral beauty
Tangs: yellow, sailfin, tomini, yellow-eye kole, blue hippo, naso and blonde naso
Wrasses: pencil candy, Decolores, sixline, yellow coris, Lubbock's fairy, green bird
Triggers: rectangle/Hawaiian humu, male bluethroat
Clowns: mocha and standard ocellaris, percula, tomato, maroon
Gobies: red firefish, diamond, yellow watchman (paired with pistol shrimp), aurora, pearly jawfish
Blennies: salfin/algae and bicolor
Damsels: azure, Talbot's, Tracy's, domino
Others: flame hawk, copperband butterfly, valentini saddle puffer, mono argentus, pajama cardinal, red stoplight cardinal, magnificent foxface, quoyi parrotfish, XXL sailfin tang*
Inverts: XL tiger pistol shrimp; fire, skunk, and peppermint cleaner shrimp; sand cucumbers; fighting conchs; tuxedo urchins; emerald crabs; bubbletip and rock flower anemones; giant derasa clams; tons of cleaners
*Seriously, this guy is one of the biggest we've seen. Close to 9-10 inches and looking great. 
We still have our deal on the Trigger Sapphire sump/Reef Octopus skimmer combo; they're both brand new out of the box and we're selling them for 15% off BRS's normal price ($1,053 for the pair). Help us clear out some space and get a great deal on some quality hardware at the same time!
Remember, WAMAS members get 10% off in store!

Capital Aquarium

8825 Commerce Ct.

Manassas, VA 20110





Thursday/Friday: 3-7pm

Saturday: 10-6pm

Sunday: 11-5pm

Monday-Wednesday: closed


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