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Rodenbed's 120 Build

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Items purchased and awaiting delivery and looking forward to setting it up.

Tank: Aqueon 120 Gallon 48x24x24 Glass

R&J Stand and canopy

Sump: eshopps ADV-100

Heaters: eheim jager 300w x 2

Tank Lid : Aqueon x 2

Lights: ecotech XR30w pro G4 x 2, slider and track

Battery backup: Vortech

Surge protetor: Killa watt 10 

Main pump: Ecotech marine vectra s1 pump

Powerheads: Vortech MP40w QD x2


Seneye reef aquarium monitor and par meter

Aqua medic Reef Doser evo 4 

RODI: AquaFX 100 gpd

32  gal brute containers x 2

heater for water eheim jager

maxi jet 1200 pump

float switch

Instant ocean reef crystals

140 lbs carib reef sand

Protein Skimmer: eshopps mid-level X-160 axium

GEO Reef media reactor UMC410

Biopellet reactor: Reef oct biochurn 120INT

GEO Reef media reactor

Tsunami ATO and mj 600 pump

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Ooh. This is most excellent. I’ve been planning a 120 build in my head for a couple months and this should be most helpful.

Is that the dual back overflows tank or the single corner?

And what is this stand? Haven’t heard of it.

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A few things. I wouldn’t run the biopellets unless you have a crazy high bio load. Mine sits in a box these days. Skimmer and Refugio’s are more than sufficient for me, without overstripping the water. Your main pump is a little undersized. I know it says 1400 GPH, but after head loss and if you are trying to power a manifold for the reactors, you may be much lower. Shoot for at least 300-400 gph through the sump.

Also that MJ pump might be annoying. They aren’t quiet compared to your other pumps. Or is that only for mixing?

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