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Capital Aquarium

Stop, Hammer time! Euphyllia Blowout

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Brighten up the weather this weekend with a colorful coral for your tank! Get your pick of euphyllia frags and small colonies (hammer and frogspawn/octospawn) for just $15 per branch. If a piece has 4 or more branches, it's only $10 a branch instead! We've got everything from single stems to giant clusters, in all kinds of great colors too. Want some extraordinary colors? We've also got Australian torch and Gold (yes, that one) hammer frags as well. 


Other stock highlights:

-Great deals on other large coral colonies, including some great combo rocks

-Tons of cleanup crew this week, including urchins, shrimps, and scarlet hermits

-Beautiful tangs (purple, yellow, blue hippo, sailfin, and yellow-eye kole)

-3" Potter's Angel

-Marine betta that takes prepared foods

-Our tubs are packed with new live rock; get some real estate for all those new corals!


Capital Aquarium

8825 Commerce Ct.

Manassas, VA 20110


Store: 703-439-0700


Thursday/Friday: 3-7pm

Saturday: 10-6pm

Sunday: 11-5pm

Monday-Wednesday: closed

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