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“Generous Portions” Holiday WYSIWYG pack from Fishnreef

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Much like your dinner plate during the holidays, we are also offering a frag pack with large frags and many polyps for the zoa/paly frags.  With the pack you get:

-          Hollywood Stunner Chalice

-          Green Cap Montipora

-          Waving Hands (more like an applause given the quantity!)

-          True Blue Hornets Zoas

-          Many Yellow Star Polyps

-          A Big Slice of Purple Stylophora

-          Hyacinth Birds Nest

-          Leishman’s Tabling Acro

-          Large Hunk of Pink Pocillopora

-          Purple Digitata

-          Rainbow Stylophora

-          Big Jedi Mind Tricks Montipora

-          Tubbs Montipora Stellata

-          Red Brick Chalice

-          Green Trumpet

-          Micromussa

-          Yellow Brick Road Zoas

-          Fire and Ice Zoas

-          Miami Hurricane Chalice

The frags are bigger and the polyps are more abundant, a steal for someone looking to start or revamp their tank in a hurry or want to help someone get started for the holidays! Email us at sales@fishnreef.com for details! Happy to provide more photos


350$ with free shipping!


You’re always welcome to add corals to your order from our site at www.fishnreef.com




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