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Want to borrow PAR meter

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hello everyone, 

I live in southern Maryland, I am a full time student and can not afford a Par Meter,


How can i borrow one from here??


couple people have told me " WAMAS have one to share"


help is appreciated 


( it won't let me access the par Meter forums)

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ABzReef, the club does have a par meter for loan to club members. At this time, you're a bulletin board member, not a WAMAS member. However, as a student, you may be entitled to a  membership. Please send an email to membership@wamas.org regarding your student status and maybe we can bring you aboard as a student member (some proof is required). Otherwise, membership is an inexpensive $20/year. You can join us by going here.

There's a thread in one of the member forums about borrowing the PAR meter. Borrowing it will involve bearing some expense (shipping) and possibly require posting a security/damage deposit. Fair warning: There is a waiting list for it.

BTW, I noticed this morning that you're bumping a lot of old threads as you explore our community. Sometimes that's appropriate and sometimes less so. Just look at the date to judge whether or not some item/issue may have aged past it's relevance. If you're looking for an outcome, however, it's fair game to ask and see if there's a response.

Welcome to our community.

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