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Saturday, October 20 (Fall 2018) Meeting - Bob Fenner - Anemones

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Time: 1:00 P.M. - 5:15 P.M. (Speaker starts at 3 PM)
Where: North Bethesda Middle School
8935 Bradmoor Dr
Bethesda, MD 20817
WAMAS members get in free. Guests are $5 each (paid at the door). 


Refreshments provided by WAMAS.


Speaker: Bob Fenner


Topic: Anemones in Marine Aquariums: Flowers of the sea?


Hardly. Most anemones are marine; but they are definitely animals, just a step or two up from the "tissue-grade" life that is the sponges, phylum Porifera.
Try imagining a reef system, photograph, television show, fish store without anemones. Hard to do, isn't it? Anemones are seemingly ubiquitous fixtures in all these. The trade in these stinging-celled animals is brisk, and well it should be; many species are reasonably available and hardy, undemanding aquarium fare.
This presentation offers an overview of aquatic life natural history, and captive care. 
Many species of Anemones can make hardy specimens given proper collection, treatment and selection (by you). They have remarkable, interesting biologies. Know though that the vast majority of specimens aquarists try only live days to a few weeks... Why? Largely due to the trauma of collection, holding, shipping practices before they get them... and secondarily due to factors such as a lack of light, inappropriate feeding, being placed in poor water quality, with incompatible livestock... Much to know before one buys. Here we'll review how to select more suitable species, better specimens, and provide suitable care for their successful husbandry.
1:00 - 2:50 Sign-in / socialize / frag sales
2:50 - 3:00 Club business
3:00 - 4:15 Speaker: Bob Fenner
4:15 - 4:30 Break
4:45 - 5:15 Raffle!
Directions to North Bethesda Middle School:
- NOTE: The school is just inside the north edge of the beltway near Old Georgetown Road.

Here's a map from Google Maps:


Special thanks to theses sponsors. Please support them & say thanks next time you shop with them. You can find their website address by visiting their forum or the sponsor page on the WAMAS website.
WAMAS Platinum Sponsors 

Air, Water & Ice
Avast Marine
Blue Ribbon Koi
Capital Aquarium
ChemiPure (Boyd Enterprises)
Dr. Mac's Pacific East Aquaculture
Exotic Reef Creations

LRS Reef Frenzy
Marine Depot
Pimped Out Aquariums
Premium Aquatics
Pure Reef Systems
Reed Mariculture (Reef Nutrition)
Reef eScape

Reef2Rainforest Media (Coral Magazine)

Supreme Reefs

WAMAS Banner-Only Sponsors 
Cobalt Aquatics
Jellyfish Art
Live Aquaria
Two Little Fishies



Raffle Prizes

-  Large colonies of Galaxea from Dr. Mac's Pacific East Aquaculture.  Seven chances to win!

-  1 year subscription to Coral Magazine, courtesy of Reef to Rainforest Media, publishers of Coral Magazine (Reef2Rainforest Media (Coral Magazine)).

-  $50 gift certificate from Avast Marine. Two chances to win.

-  MJ Mini 606 adjustable mini pump (159 gph) donated by Cobalt Aquatics. Two chances to win.

-  MJ Mini 404 adjustable mini pump (106 gph) donated by Cobalt Aquatics.  Two chances to win.

-  One year supply (12 packets) of Chemipure Blue Nano donated by ChemiPure (Boyd Enterprises)

-  One massive, Grande Chemipure Blue (44 ounce) all-in-one filter media in a nylon bag donated by ChemiPure (Boyd Enterprises)

-  Neptune Systems Apex Breakout Box donated by SaltwaterAquarium.com. Two chances to win.

-  ATI Professional ICP-OES Water Analysis Kit donated by SaltwaterAquarium.com.

-  AquamedicWaterTesting.com Water Analysis Kit donated by SaltwaterAquarium.com.

-  Box of salt (2 chances to win) - From Exotic Reef Creations

-  $25 gift certificate from Premium Aquatics.  Five chances to win.

-  Mixed frag pack with 20 corals from FishnReef.com

Reef Nutrition: Samplers of their bottled reef food products! (2 chances to win!)
Reef NutritionChroma Boost pellets (three 3-ounce bags raffled together)

- $50 gift certificate from Marine Depot. Two chances to win!

- Rock Flower Anemone donated by WAMAS member gws3. Five chances to win!

- Passes to MACNA 2019 in Orlando, FL from MASNA.  Two Chances to win!

- Jellyfish Art Nano cylinder from Jellyfish Art

-  more to be announced



Get Free Raffle Tickets!
We have a "bring your receipts" program where if you bought stuff from one of our sponsors since the last meeting you can bring your receipts to the check-in desk to get one free raffle ticket for every $25 that you spent at a sponsor. 

We don't need to keep the receipts, but would like to see them in hardcopy form (not on your phone because it takes too long) to give you the free tickets.


Sponsors on-site:

Dr. Mac's Pacific East Aquaculture



Watch this space for more information to be made available as it arrives!

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Door prizes:


Books by Bob Fenner.  Get them signed by Bob after the meeting!


5 chances to win:


Two copies of "Anemone Success"


One set of Bob's nano aquarium series.


One copy of "Angelfishes for Marine Aquariums"


One copy (not pictured) of "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist," the book that many of us used to get in to the hobby.



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One of our members, Graham S. (aka gws3) is donating 5 rock flower anemones to the raffle. That's five chances to win! Thanks, Graham!

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Bump for the meeting tomorrow.  We're getting the raffle prizes gathered up now.  


See everyone tomorrow.

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