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So you want to set up a tank to sell frags at a meeting.

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A few suggestions/courtesies:



Either PM them on here, or better yet, send an email to Officers@wamas.org to let us know how many vendors we will have and the space needed. Let them know the size of tank you will be setting up.


Get there early, and leave on time.

Please do not try to get there and set up a tank at the most busy time of the meeting (just before a speaker). Get there with plenty of time. Officers are there approx. 1 hour before scheduled start/sign-in time. Officers may be able to help you set up, but usually officers are busy setting up for the meeting. We have also had to stay late with speakers in tow waiting to close down the hall. Please don't delay. Prepare for quick setups and teardowns.


Set up away from the speaker doors and don't block hallways.

Set up away from the main doors into the speaker hall, without blocking the entrances for the rest of the membership


Bring plenty of outlet strips and LONG extention cords.

One 3 ft outlet strip ain't enough!


Play nice with your other vendors, we have limited outlets

Remember what your momma taught you about sharing.


NO SELLING during speaker talks.

Lights must be turned off, and no hanging about next to your tank talking. This is rude to the speaker and your fellow members


Bring your own table/stand. We may not be able to provide you one.

We SOMETIMES have tables, but not always. Plan on your own, or possibly the floor.


Bring towels to clean up you own messes.

This does not include stealing all the paper out of the local restroom. Water on the floor is a safety hazard and we can get fined for water not cleaned up.


Dump excess water in an appropriate spots outside.

Please make sure you dump excess in an area the rest of us don't have to walk though on the way out. Water is heavy, we know! Make the effort to walk around the corner before dumping. Also avoid grassy areas where saltwater can kill the sod.


Don't be surprised if we ask for a donation to the raffle.

WAMAS is providing you an audience to sell your goods. Give back to the club. We all support our vendors that give to us.




Lastly, USE COMMON SENSE! Stuff happens, but repeated issues and not preparing for the worst will result in you no longer being able to sell at meetings.

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OK guys now from the vendor side of things...


First off I reccomend a diplay tanks and frags all ready to go in bags, bagging on site sucks


Lots of towels


lots of water and heaters, with tank water heated to temp for set up, heaters will not bring tanks to temp quickly


Make sure your are 100% pest free, no exceptions


DOnt bring a big tank you will be sorry, large enough to hold some colonies and all the frags kepts safe in a heated cooler for sale


Dont know why I am giving competition tips, I guess its my nature to not watch people fail.


Lots of change, and dont give away your corals, you worked hard and spend $$$ to ge them where they are and that is not free.


Finally good luck, and if you need more tips or questions just call me at BRK, Ill be there all day 703-753-7566



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