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Found 8 results

  1. When I feed mysis to my various stuff(auto changed it to "when I feed my sis to my various stuff..." lol)I soak it in garlic for hours, usually enough for the liquid to be gone and just plump garlicky mysis(my fish love mysis with their garlic), and without thinking had fed the mysis to my corals as well. They seem to be fine and as happy as with non-garlic mysis, so I continue to when I forget to get extra for them that I don't soak. Ive been looking it up and I can't find anything other than people talking about feeding garlic stuff to the fish in the tanks, or adding some extract to the water, but this would be a significantly higher dosage of garlic, than that. Is this risky? Can garlic soaked foods hurt/damage/ kill corals? I don't do it often, maybe once every week or 2, but if it's safe, or even good, I would definitely do it more often! Does anyone have any info or thoughts on the matter?
  2. What's going on with all the live rock these days? Does "fully cured" actually mean "sterile", or is it just usually overdone? Obviously I don't want mantis shrimp or bobbit worms and THOSE kinds of hitchhikers, but I'm sick of only seeing "live" rock that's sterile-bare with just bacteria, or even with boring coralline algae that you end up with anyway. They don't even have feather dusters on them, anymore! I remember years ago I'd get live rock from the Aquarium Center live rock tubs that had just small areas of more interesting coralline in ALL kinds and colors that I've never seen since, and so much other awesome life on it! cool algaes that randomly sprout up now and then, starfish, little cool tiny crabs, snails/limpets/abalone things, weird inverts, and multiple times even little wild corals growing on it! I used to see something awesome and new in my tank almost every week, that I never noticed before, for years! Long ago at the store I worked at, a live snowflake moray fell out of a piece of live rock!!!! Is it just cause everyone's that afraid of mantis shrimp(of all of my, friends, customers, and everyone I've ever known's tanks, I've only ever heard of someone getting a mantis 1 time)? I'd gladly have to take my tank apart to find and remove a mantis shrimp if it meant I could get rock like that again lol. Granted my reefs have always been small, though--33s & 55s. But really, would it really be that hard to just have a little 5, 10, 15gal tank WITH light, to keep it in for awhile to lure out any carnivorous hitchhikers from inside? Are there still places that sell the good stuff? I don't know it if needs to still be uncured wild, or what, but whatever it is, THATS what I'm looking for!
  3. I'm getting (a) pinecone fish and soon flashlight fish, and I really want to know if it's safe to put cleaner shrimp I. With them. I'm sure it's fine while they're small, but both aren't your standard reef fish. Even though they live in reefs, I don't know if cleaner shrimp are out and working at night, and if not, those fish might not be familiar with their work, so I'm worried about when they get big enough to make a meal of a shrimp.
  4. Hey everyone, So I thought I controlled an outbreak of aiptasia in my tank but clearly I failed as I saw a few yesterday when I was cleaning the tank. I been trying to introduce peppermint shrimp to eat them but strangely they keep dying. At first I though it was because I wasn't acclimating them properly so I kept it in a basket attached to the top of my tank over night to keep an eye on it. It survived the night so I introduced it into my the tank and I found my cleanup crew eating it up at the end of the day. What is weird is I also introduced a cleaner shrimp and 2 emerald crabs at the same time and they are fine. My hypothesis is that something is attacking the peppermint shrimp but I am not sure what it could be. I have 2 clownfish, 2 firefish gobies, 1 royal gramma. There seems to be alot of talk about how to remove them but what worked for you?
  5. Thought we could use a list of Who Eats What in a reef aquarium. This includes things we do and don't want eaten. CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED PLEASE! A. What eats things we DO want eaten? 1. Snails a. nassarius - bits of uneaten food and detritus on or in the sand b. c. 2. Crabs a. b. c. 3. Shrimps a. b. c. 4. Echinoderms a. nardoa star fish - asterinas b. c. 5. Fish a. b. c. 6. Others B. What eats things we DO NOT want eaten? 1. Snails a. b. c. 2. Crabs a. b. c. 3. Shrimps a. b. c. 4. Echinoderms a. b. c. 5. Fish a. b. c. 6. Others
  6. I am almost done setting up my 75G tank. I have a little more live sand to add, but as far as salt and water temperature, I'm good. I still need to buy a marine testing kit, but I'm thinking about bringing in my water to a LFS to be tested as well. My question is, can I buy the snails, sand sifting starfish, and cleaner shrimp now with no fish in the tank, just live sand and live rock without feeding them? Is there enough small organisms and bacteria for them to feed on in the tank by themselves or should all the cleaner crew be added when I get fish and fish food?
  7. FishyPapa

    Skunk and Nem

    My skunk cleaner shrimp hanging out under my BTA nem.

    © 2013 Chris Myers

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