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Found 2 results

  1. Shrooms dissolving into brown slime during shipping...its killing me! (And the shrooms!) Can shrooms be safely cut like soft corals, and apparently zoas? I know of someone who apparently safely and successfully cuts/frags his bounce shroom, but that was the first and only time Ive heard of cutting shrooms. Every time I buy shrooms recently, they're dissolving into brown slime by the time they arrive, or at least are about to--1 of 3 was already dissolving in the bag, but the other 2 looked fine but started dissolving later in the tank, which I'm sure must have been delayed from the shipping. It then occurred to me that if ALL shrooms can safely be cut, that could be a potential remedy, unless it's too late once they cross a line even before visually breaking down, as it seems might have been the case today. *they were dipped(melafix&reef dip) pre-release, and all again later when the others began. I was surprisingly able to totally clean every bit of slime off on the first one before the last dip by holding it almost against the suction slots of a powerhead(although it might have just been due to there seeming to be more of a hard line of degeneration, instead of just entirely fading into brown sludge), so im thinking this is actually similar to having cut part off, although cutting would also remove any residual microscopic remains of bacteria/disease along the edge, so I guess I still won't know why it didn't work if it doesn't.
  2. Hi All, So I am relatively new here in the forum, however, I though this would be an important thing to put out there… I am currently a Paramedic Student, and I thought this was quite interesting and something rather important for all of us to be aware of. Specifically it involves Zoanthid Corals. I am sure some of you old timers are aware of this, as this article was written about an individual living locally in the DC area. There are some corals that are potentially poisonous… and very poisonous at that… In the last part of the article it goes on to discuss venom potency… Let me take a moment to explain... The most poisionus snake has a venom potency of 25 micrograms per kilogram of body weight… or 0.000025 grams. The venom potency of the coral is 0.0000003 grams. OK, so how much in Ounces is this you ask? It is 0.00000001 Oz. while the snake is 0.0000009 Oz. Quite potent, wouldn't you say? So, pay attention to the signs and symptoms.. and if you are handling corals, and they are of this specific type, you may want to get yourself, checked out at the hospital and your coral checked out at the LFS. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2011/04/05/worlds-2nd-deadliest-poison-in-an-aquarium-store-near-you/#.Unk4L6Wy_wI Just some food for thought. B
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