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Found 7 results

  1. Moorish Idols are often a difficult fish to have success with in the home aquarium. Finding a specimen which is healthy and eating can difficult, and that still doesn't often guarantee long term success. Certain species of butterflyfish can also refuse to eat conventional prepared foods offered to them. Over the years the LRS Fish Frenzy® blend has evolved into what has become a "go to" food for store owners and hobbyists when it comes to feeding finicky eaters. Here are just a few reasons why: Ultra-fresh, chemical free seafood is healthier and elicits a strong feeding response LIVE blackworms and fish eggs are added just before final packaging Nutrient dense, biosecure, farm raised polychaete worms are added as well All LRS food blends contain laboratory tested active cultures of probiotics Whole ingredients such as clams, oysters, PE Mysis shrimp means complete and diverse nutrition, especially when combined with the hand peeled shrimp, perch, squid, etc. If you are thinking about purchasing an expensive, rare or difficult fish for your home aquarium you may wish to pick up a pack of LRS food to help with your success. There are dozens of testimonials on theLRSFoods.com website, as well as more videos which demonstrate our proven track record.
  2. I am extremely grateful for my friend Richard Back from "Aficionado Channel" for his assistance with communication and help getting a shipment of LRS into Korea. Richard has been involved with the opening of this museum for many months and it is now coming closer to a reality. I had to pleasure to meet the man in charge of the Museum at MACNA and we are honored to be involved. Here is what was posted to the Afishionado Facebook page yesterday: "Have been extremely busy of late! Cube museum, location where I have been assisting to open for over a year now, just started to get several of high end fish in. 2 Captive Bred Genicanthus Personatus 2 Captive Bred Holacanthus Clarionensis (from his personal tank) 2 Captive Bred Apolemichthys Arcuatus Just in case that you don't know the value of these fish, these retail for about $50,000 USD combined and they are awaiting collection of two Peppermint Angels. We were left to ponder how to care for these animals. Individual tanks were made for them as pairs, aquascape with their natural habitat and behavior in mind and then we were left to think what food to go with. What better food to feed then the food that they were raised on? Already proven in the industry and backed by lab results, LRS was the food to go with to feed these exotic and beautiful fish. Only problem is that Korea doesn't sell frozen blended fish food. Well, Larry came to the rescue with biggest order South Korea has ever received before! These orders are heading out today as I type and will arrive there by end of this week! Big things are certainly happening and I am excited to be part of this! Big thanks to Larry for pulling through for us and helping us properly taking care of these amazing creatures!" I can't wait to see more images coming out of this facility and rumor has it they are waiting on the delivery of a pair of Peppermint Angels, pending collection. Enjoy some of these pics of the facility: That aquascape!! Captive bred angels from Karen Brittain in Hawaii Last but not least a cooler of LRS food nestled snugly together awaiting a top dressing of dry ice to make the 5 day trip overseas.
  3. I am not kidding. One of my Facebook friends who works at Aquatic Treasures in Las Vegas sent me a PM saying she feeds her fish by taking a piece of frozen LRS and sticking it to the glass inside her tank. I wouldn't have believed it but it really works! I shared it on Facebook and several LRS fans have been posting pics and videos of them sticking LRS in their tanks. Watch and see what I am talking about....
  4. If you have been reading the posts in the LRS forum over the past few years you are likely familiar with the care we place into producing our products. We spend a lot of time networking with public aquaria staff, fish breeders, and aquaculture facilities to tweak our recipes to be the best they can be. We also support captive breeding programs by sending food to researchers who are working on efforts to breed marine ornamentals such as blue tangs and other species. The feedback from these experts has proven to be invaluable in the progression of our foods and we are appreciative. I recently found myself pondering the question "How many hobbyists actually know what is required to be a lawfully registered pet food manufacturer?" I honestly did not when I started this business 4 years ago so I assumed that not many others do and felt this would be a great time to breach the subject. Believe it or not fish food is subject to the same regulations as dog and cat food. Remember all the recalls for dog foods after many family pets were harmed? Well increased scrutiny on ALL pet foods was increased and of course government oversight followed. The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) is a sweeping piece of legislation which requires compliance by all pet food manufactures. This law provides stiff financial and even criminal penalties for food producers found in violation of the standards. Under the new FSMA law any new start-up pet food manufacturer has a lot more legal and regulatory hurdles to climb. “The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in more than 70 years…” Here is a brief PDF on the law, but the full text is much more in depth. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/GuidanceRegulation/FSMA/UCM461884.pdf This law will require documentation of Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMPs), inventory logging, temperature tracking, written recall procedures, hazard analysis and ingredients can only be used from approved suppliers. It is a “big deal” and it affects any one who produces a pet food product ranging from phytoplankton to horse feed. (I am going to bet many people reading that sentence in red who are in the food business had the same reaction I did when I learned of this law last year and a few expletives are forming.) As an industry innovator LRS has already been working to adhere to these guidelines well in advance of the mandatory compliance dates. Fortunately with our food grade stainless steel processing and packaging equipment, combined with our direct sourcing of ingredients, stringent controls on inventory processing and storage temperature logging we are ahead of the curve. For the most part more detailed logging of data is all that is required of us to satisfy the requirements of the FSMA which should be an easy task to complete. We already keep great records and have detailed policy and procedures in place since my wife is the operations manager of the kitchen and oversees production. One change soon to implemented is that all LRS food packages will have a digitally printed LOT NUMBER on the label which will correspond to a dated logbook tracking when raw ingredients were received, the time in storage and the production date. This is done to conform to the FSMA requirements under “recall procedures.” (Not that we would ever need a recall, but it is a requirement.) So what else is required of a fish food manufacturer to be legitimate? Well for starters you need a "Pet Feed Manufacturer" license for the state in which you reside. In the case of LRS, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture has LRS Foods, LLC registered as pet food manufacturer and we must renew our license every year. Copies of this license are available by email at Larry@ReefFrenzy.com The licensing is described here: http://www.ncagr.gov/fooddrug/feed/ Here is an excerpt from that link which describes the testing and analysis our foods are subjected to prior to being approved for retail sale in interstate commerce. "A state-wide inspection service is maintained for checking feed labeling for compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations and for collecting official samples for analysis. Chemical and microscopic analyses are performed by the Feed Laboratory to insure feed products are safe and effective for their intended purposes." Processing facilities are subject to inspection and must meet standards for cleanliness, just like a restaurant. Our stainless steel processing equipment meets the same NSF standard as used in restaurants and our epoxy floors and equipment are sterilized daily. As for the product label itself, ALL text on the label is subject to scrutiny and must conform to the standards set forth by the nation’s pet food regulatory committee. The label must tell the consumer in plain text what the product purpose is and the intended animal to be fed. For example in the case of Reef Frenzy® it says "Superior Nutrition for Marine Fish Coral and Invertebrates." It also must state the product weight in ounces and grams. On the rear you must display a guaranteed analysis statement and complete ingredient listing. These protein, fat, moisture, etc. values must be verified with independent lab testing and should be published to a web site for public access. When we changed our Fish Frenzy® recipe last year to include live blackworms and fish eggs we had new lab tests performed and re-printed our product labels to reflect the new values. When dealing with public aquaria and research facilities they often request more detailed data sheets because of the value of the animals and exhibits they are feeding. When your foods are being fed to Leafy Sea Dragons costing $25,000 each the biologists are pretty demanding about the data sheets. This was a Fatty Acid Profile test conducted on our two most popular blends. (Those tests costs about $800.) Proper ratios of Fatty Acids are an important component of a captive fish diet and it helps to have this data on hand when requested. But we don't stop with just our frozen foods. Even the high-grade sheet seaweed product we distribute is harvested from a certified collection area and gets lab tested. To my knowledge this is the only seaweed available in the hobby which has data sheets indicating it tested FREE from hundreds of pollutants and 20+ radioactive isotopes. (ND means Non-Detectable levels found.) The complete reports are uploaded to the LRS website where all our products are listed. Currently this seaweed is used by researchers working on attempts to captive breed yellow tangs. It certainly is not the cheapest seaweed available, but the palatability, texture, vibrance and nutrient content place it above the norm. We sell out each month in between deliveries of the bulk shipments and users who have tried it swear by it. Complete data sheets and seaweed info can be found here: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/nori.html Data logging and inventory tracking In the frozen food business logging storage temps of your inventory is necessary to verify the integrity of your raw ingredients and ensure that the finished product is not compromised due to unnecessary fluctuations in temperature. The FSMA mentioned above echoes this same requirement. As this real-time graph shows our foods were maintained at a constant temperature of -10 for the past 5 days and that value will soon be dropped to -20 now that our new freezer is “broken in” and all the parameters are set. (The little spikes you see are the defrost coil temperature rising as the defrost cycle completes.) Having months of this data stored on file will make it easy to verify proper storage and handing of the ingredients we use. This is also required under the new law and LRS made the investment in a freezer controller with Internet connectivity to be in compliance with the temperature logging requirement. Sourcing of ingredients from “FDA approved sources.” Any food destined for people or pets is only as good as the raw ingredients which go into the finished product. At LRS we source our seafood ingredients from trusted vendors who are delivering products to the local restaurants which were obtained from FDA licensed and approved sources. Maintaining a record of the affixed tag from the bag of clams, container of scallop, box of fresh shrimp, filet of ocean perch, etc. will be required by the FSMA as will keeping a log of those ingredients going into subsequent batches of food. LRS is already working on creating a digital spreadsheet of this data to be provided on demand by an inspection agency. Documenting the sourcing of raw ingredients was one of the biggest factors which permitted LRS to be approved for import by the Canada Food Inspection Agency when other "blended" foods have been rejected. Getting a multiple ingredient food approved for import into Canada is no easy task. Most other food makers are buying ingredients which are frozen from second hand sources which is problematic at best for them. When shipping to countries such as Japan and Hong Kong we must submit a detailed "Table of Ingredients" with each order as well. Many of the details outlined in this post have aided LRS to be recognized as a trusted food manufacturer and granted access into foreign countries. When it comes to documenting chain of custody and fresh LRS wrote the book. We even harvest our fish eggs on site right from the belly of the fish! LRS also only chooses the highest quality ingredients to use in our foods and we go right to the source to get them. We have been using genuine Piscine Energetics PE Mysis® in our foods which we purchase in 1500 pound bulk lots directly from Canada. This ensures they are of utmost freshness and quality. PE Mysis® have been an industry staple food in the saltwater industry for years. We also supply the entire line of retail PE Mysis® products to stores, public aquariums, and aquaculture facilities. We had to shuttle this pallet off the semi-truck late one night to beat the blizzard that swept through the South a couple weeks ago. You can learn more about how PE Mysis is harvested here: [MEDIA=youtube]3T2rBTrG2tY[/MEDIA] Safe and Proper Delivery to the Consumer To ensure the retail packages of food arrive at the pet store in a manner which preserves the integrity of the product and prevents any chance of spoilage extra steps must be taken. At LRS we have used over one ton of dry ice per month, every month over the last 2 years. (Think about that for a second.....almost 25,000 pounds of dry ice which evaporates into thin air in a few days.) We also use more costly 1.5” foam coolers and have calculations to determine exactly how much dry ice is needed for a 1-5 day trip in any season. Need to ship frozen food to Lebanon, Beirut over 8 days? No problem we have done it and it arrived 100% frozen: [MEDIA=youtube]MQh-AXYEjEA[/MEDIA] It costs more to ship this way but if frozen food thaws during transit and has to be refrozen not only is there potential for bacterial growth, but the texture and quality of the food is diminished greatly. So what does this mean for you the consumer when it comes to selecting a fish food? Read the product label and look for legitimacy with complete ingredients and guaranteed analysis listings ASK the manufacturer for the latest test results from an accredited laboratory for their products. There are no secrets in the food industry since ingredient labels are required to be printed on each package. Most lab test results have been posted to our website but email me if I missed any. Take a look at who is using the food product you are considering purchasing. If research labs and public aquaria are using a food, then it is probably a safe bet for your home aquarium. Do a search for the food name on webforms and see what the user reviews and threads say about the food. Observe where the food is sold. Only the highest quality foods with complete documentation can be accepted into foreign countries and clear customs without rejection. Foods like LRS and PE Mysis which are shipped around the globe and imported into Canada meet these standards. The LRS dealer map shows all 350+ locations in 5 countries our products can be purchased, and this does not include dozens of non retail service companies who distribute our products to end users. The frozen food market is very crowded and the consumer is often left to fend for themselves when making a selection from the local fish store freezer. Interpreting product labels, reading testimonials, watching youtube feeding videos, asking for certified lab test results, and using social media can help you weed though the choices to find the highest quality products. If you have read this far I applaud you for desiring to learn more about what goes into the foods you feed your fishy friends. Thanks as always for the support and you can be assured LRS has the highest commitment to excellence to produce a product which is safe, superior and consistent.
  5. After nearly 8 months of experiments, industry evaluations and formal lab testing we are now shipping our Fish Frenzy® blend which includes the addition of LIVE blackworms and fresh marine fish eggs! (Sorry for the delay but we needed to wait for lab results to print new ingredient labels and the lab shut down for a week for Christmas.) This is the same great Fish Frenzy® blend as always, but with the addition of black worms and fish eggs it becomes a "finicky fish" blend. This should be perfect to entice that copper band or other butterflyfish to eat when you get it home. Another benefit is the encapsulated nutrients in the eggs and worms boosted the protein to 19%. The increased beneficial fatty acids promise to make this an exceptional "breeder formula" to boost metabolism and increase spawning. We have been shipping this blend in a non-retail package to a few aquaculture facilities and the results are astounding! Here is a testimonial we received last month: After reading about the beneficial use of probiotics in broodstock diets, we decided to try feeding LRS to the broodstock in our hatchery. The results are impressive! Shortly after the first introduction of LRS foods we noticed not only bright, healthy and larger spawns, but the Larvae are robust as well. Jonathan Foster, FishEye Aquaculture in Florida We sent an email to all our dealers this morning but if you want this new "super food" you need to call your LFS and tell them it is now shipping and they should order! Please don't confuse our fish eggs with eggs dyed with turmeric spice often found in the Asian grocery. Our eggs are processed and cleaned UNDER OUR ROOF so the purity and quality is inspected by yours truly. We have a relationship with the folks right at the docks in North Carolina, which gives us a huge advantage in the industry when it comes to sourcing SUPERIOR ingredients! Do you follow the LarrysReefServices Facebook page? If not I would encourage it because we share some really cool stuff on our page and give swag away. Just yesterday we posted pics of the newest commercial freezer and cooler we installed. LRS is growing and our domestic and export shipments are increasing every day thanks to the Internet "Buzz" created by our fans and friends on Reef2Reef. Did you know that this month LRS Foods were named a "Top Pick" by one of the most popular hobby blogs? Here is the link: Reefs.com Top Pick 2014: Larry's Reef Services® - A Year In Review - reefs.com Due to numerous requests we have created both static cling and adhesive backed decals with a Reef Frenzy® theme so fans can show your support. We plan on printing these in both clear and yellow so they can be affixed to anything from an aquarium to your laptop! As always the LRS Foods family thanks you for your support as we continue to produce foods with innovations to help the home aquarist succeed.
  6. ​We have been fortunate that many of our clients have been uploading feeding demonstrations to Youtube and our Facebook page. Yesterday our friend Peter from CA posted these videos feeding our Fish Frenzy® blend. Now bear in mind the food was frozen in the beginning, but as it thaws the fish become even more voracious in their feeding. There are some really, really beautiful fish in his tank. Enjoy!! Here is his QT tank with the ultra rare Chelmon Muelleri...
  7. Ok, so let me start with a little background. As most members hopefully know by now we make three primary blends, Fish Frenzy®, Herbivore Frenzy® and the flagship Reef Frenzy® blend. Those blends are listed and broken down by ingredients here: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/food-descriptions.html For over a year we have offered the Fish Frenzy® blend in a hand chopped "chunky" formula for aquarium service companies. We basically took out the small mysis shrimp and swapped the pacific plankton krill for larger Atlantic krill which have been soaked in the pigment enhancer, immunity booster. The blend has been growing in popularity and when I posted a pic of it on our Facebook page about 6 weeks ago we sold all 100+ packs in inventory the next day. Gone! Email inquiries continued to pour in and the "chunky" was also plugged on Bulk Reef Supply TV last week: With MACNA a week away we don't have a lot of time to design a new label so for know we are rocking the original Fish Frenzy® label with a couple tweaks and a new barcode on the rear. If you have larger predators, eels, triggers, puffers than this blend is awesome. It contains fresh hand-peeled shrimp (no exoskeletons for lower PO4!), fresh scallop, fresh whitefish, fresh oysters, clams, squid, tuna, krill. LRS Probiotics, D. Salina. There is a hint of garlic dosed RO water to stimulate a feeding response and help fill voids in the blend so there are no air pockets in the packaging. It is a very generous 8 ounces per pack. In case you missed the video filmed with the car chase, me riding a horse and us opening a pack of THIS food and eating it on camera here is the link: http://www.larrysreefservices.com/what-is-reef-frenzy.html (Be sure and pause the top video before starting the bottom one.)
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