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Found 4 results

  1. Well I found a heck of a deal for a GHL ProfiluxN EX controller and now the fun begins trying to figure out the GHL Profilux world. Thus far everything works well and getting all the items updated was a breeze via their GHL Control Center Software. The support for these seems to be tough since it is primarily a German Product, but most of it seems pretty straight forward. I still have to get the calibration fluids for the PH, REDOX, and Conductivity to get those up and running. I got the touch pad as well with my purchase and it works fairly well and is easy to navigate. I may at some point get this device online since it has a built in web server, but that would mean I have to run CAT5/6 to my controller since no built in WIFI on the older 3.1 models. Anyone else in the area have a GHL Profilux controller? I know Jerel did, but looks like he hasn't been on the site since early last year. Aaron
  2. Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4 GHL ProfiLux 4 Controller Setup and Mounting
  3. At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV Automate all aspects of aquarium keeping with ProfiLux Controllers and Dosers - NEW @ MD! + 10 off ESV brand supplements this weekend!
  4. Welcome! I've been absent from the hobby for a few years, but i have a 15 year history with marine aquariums. I think you'll find that i enjoy the aspect of constructing a system and caring for my inhabitants. So - I am excited to enter the hobby with a new tank or two Follow along as i build a complete GHL controlled system for my ELOS Midi Diamond 36. Tank Equipment Custom D.I.Y 12" x 12" x 16" Sump GHL ProfiLux 4 Controller GHL Mitras 7206 Pendant, GHL Flex Mount GHL EcoTech Vortech Controller EcoTech Vortech MP40 with QD driver upgrade - Possibly a Tunze Stream 3 in the future Fluval E100 heater, x2 GHL PropellerBreeze 3 GHL Doser 2 (4)Four Head Unit -Tropic Marin Balling A,B,C and Freshwater ATO *Three(3) Vertex 2.5L Libra Vessels GHL Doser 2.1 (2)Two Head Unit -AWC Fill and Drain Tunze 1073.050, Return Pump Pax Bellum A.R.I.D. N18 Reactor BlueLounge Cable Management Cable Boxes Apple Airport Express - Tank has its own network Salt Mix Tropic Marin Pro Reef Fish Tank Utility Room GHL ProfiLux 3.1t Controller Avast Marine Barrel Tender V2 SpectraPure CSPDI-90 with Aquatec Diaphragm Pump >Zeta-Zorb 0.2 Micron Sediment Filter >0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter >SpectraSelect Plus 90-GPD RO 99 Percent Rejection >SuperDI SilicaBuster Multi-Layer DI Cartridge Frag Tank 3/4" Acrylic 30" x 23" x 10.5" (4) GHL Mirtras Lightbar 2 70's, Deep actinic, Actinic Skimz Monzter SM163 Skimmer Quarantine Tank Vertex Illumilux Marino Bianco, LED lighting Avast Marine Digital Top-off Kit Testing Equipment Apogee SQ-520 Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor Hanna Hi 96822 Digital Refractometer ​
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