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  1. Unions will be used on the drains. A ball valve to add back pressure will be mounted inside the display over flow
  2. @AlanM @DFR @Jon Lazar @madweazl @malacoda @zygote2k etc. Blood, sweat, and almost tears 6 hours and 4 trips to the hardware store to rebuild my sump setup, return manifol, and drain setup just because a bunch of people on the internet told me to 😓. And i wouldn't have it any other way. I really appreciate all the input. I added a ton of head pressure to get the manifold to fit in such a small spot. But now i have straight drains and a new sump configuration
  3. Next place we move live rock is mostly illegal. I had more or less the same batch of liverock for 15 years and will have to start over and want to start with that artificial purple look. I know there are draw backs especially related to bioavailable space for bacteria im not worried about that. More worried about longevity of the rock, leaching, etc. Help me choose
  4. I have a really weird motive which is i want my primary siphon drain plumbing to have a smaller ID from the get go and the emergency drain to have the biggest ID because i intend to run power head wiring through the emergency drain. Sounds insane but it makes for a very clean application. It is a bit harder to service your power heads but i enjoy the tradeoff immensely.
  5. Is drain capacity determined by the smallest diameter in a system. Say i run 3 feet schedule 40 plumbing but then use schedule 80 fittings, couplers etc. Would the flow be the same as if id just used all schedule 80? Due to the nominal internal diameter?
  6. @AlanM Its a kit that came with 3 bulk heads and some misc 1" plumbing. Im doing all my own pipe and drain fittings. I am using a gate valve on the drain.
  7. Im main hunting for a setup where the loudest conponet is the fan in my radion which is darn near silent
  8. The apex one. And ive been happy with my avast one.
  9. Doesnt PaulBs 40 something year old tank have under gravel filters?
  10. My evap swings significantly throught the year depending on AC use, Heat use, open house vs closed house, whether or not im cycling my lights etc.
  11. Thanks for the advice on the gate valves i think between price (i can replace 5 ball valves for the coat of one gate of comparable quality), their size vs gate valves, and their lack of unions theyre not worth it for my application. So it seems to be fairly common practice to end ones emergency flow discharge pretty high up from the sump so they'll hear water cascading/splashing if its the route for water instead of the siphon drain. Is this necessary/advisable? As for ending the primary drain level "under water" is best practice a straight entry. Using a "reverse durso", or something else.
  12. So im going set up my kalk reactor and want to avoid an OD. I dont want to lose my ATO abilities if my pH goes too high. So normally ATO vessel, to kalk reactor, to sump. But i want to set up a way to have water bypass the Kalk reactor if my tank pH climbs to high (as determined by an Apex). How do i do this? simply, cheaply, and reliably (i know sometimes you have to pick just two of factors. Im guessing something with a solenoid? Two pumps for water supply? What?
  13. Im not following on what the diagram is? Ive always had durso so this is new to me.
  14. Man Dan I aint got that kinda money for gate valves. Whats the deal with check valves though? Ive read the theory but if i set my sump and returns up properly to prevent siphon and have a sump that can handle the surge why install a float?
  15. I have never seen a write up or photo where the gate vavle on the Herbie wasnt within a few inches of the drain bulkhead. Could you provide a link to the style you're talking about?
  16. The 4" socks from my LFS dont fit and neither do the 4" from bulk reef supply. Anyone have a link to quality 3rd party filter socks that fit in a red sea sump?
  17. I cant find a grey krylon thats close enough in color. Its way off as a matter of fact. Which is a real shame because i painted one fitting to test and now im left with an ulgy battleship grey spray paint that i cant return/use
  18. It wont actually be schedule 80, a 4$ can of krylon fusion grey will make everything look "good enough"
  19. Ive put together a loose mockup Looking for feedback on fluid dynamics not quality of materials, etc. 1. I will remove the slope from the return line in the final iteration. 2. I dont want to rely on any sort of check valve on my return manifold, so dont worry about that. Thank you.
  20. Wow thank you for the incredibly well thought out reply. I really appreciate the thought and info. I failed to do my research and had been excitedly buying gear, fragging my current corals to raise funds, and my brand new 80 gallon got delivered today 😓 im dreading the cost of shipping it back to SCA but unless i hear positive things when i reach out to the LFS on the island i think i should just shut my reefing aspirations off for a few years.
  21. Getting ready to PCS to Hawaii (Oahu) but info on reefing as a hobby there is scarce.
  22. Aside from bulk reef supply. Which online store has the best rewards?
  23. Im pretty sure this will be a 6 one way half dozen the other debate. But WAMAS has rarely steered me wrong. Im looking at picking up an SCA 80 gallon 32 x 24 x 24. If i go external overflow ill have 4 holes in the back of the tank (2 drain 2 return) and 4-5 pieces of plumbing running down the back. If i do external, nothing running down the back but i loose tank space but lose the external plumbing. ALSO. A couple of weeks to get the internal overflow tank 3-4 MONTHS to get the external overflow tank. We're moving to Hawaii for next PCS soon so this will be my last tank for a while as there really arent economical options for getting a tank on the island.
  24. Im looking to get some reactors from them but their inbox is full. Anyone shoot them a tect for me?
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