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  1. The wife told me “Your aquarium is fake. Not real. No one will ever understand why there is no sand. It just looks fake.” So I added sand. This is after three hours. https://youtu.be/488w71po2V4
  2. Actually texted Justin this morning. That monster needs to go.
  3. Starting to get some growth and color https://imgur.com/gallery/pUftU1N
  4. Thanks. I finally feel like the tank is starting to take off in the right direction. Now that hard part, leaving it alone.
  5. No. Just need to get it to Justin. It’s way too big for my 80g
  6. Updated FTS as of last night after adding some new frags from Brian (Gmerek) Added: UWW Sunburst Monti WWC Terra Red Acro RR Tropic Thunder Monti TCK Pikachu Red Planet Blue Echinata
  7. Here’s a monster cyphastrea I’ve been growing in my sump. Put it in the display to get a photo. This will end up in Justin’s greenhouse tank as soon as I get time to deliver it.
  8. Yes. This was in the tank at my office that Rob maintains.
  9. Not best pic in the contest, but it’s mine! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/september-2018-potm-voting-poll-anything-goes.470254/
  10. Low light corals. Mine grow like weeds. I have several color morphs. Small frags will double in a month or so. Big colonies could take several months. I have two growing in total shade.
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