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  1. You didn't want me to add them back?
  2. They are back... My host installed different software and there were issues. Again, fixed.
  3. Terry, did Patti say OK to the macro lens? I am also still working on getting that composite photo printed. Still haven't found a printer that will do it. I just might have to create one image by stacking the two images on top of each other and then print it that way. Then when I get it, I can take it to Ritz where they have a large paper cutter and separate them.
  4. I guess there is an article in Nature Conservancy Magazine. Here is the online version: http://www.nature.org/magazine/winter2006/misc/art19247.html Another article: http://www.nature.org/magazine/winter2006/misc/art20978.html
  5. I am in Boston for work but had a chance today to visit the aquarium. I posted some of the images I took here: http://send-an-ecard.com/aquarium/boston_aquarium/ As you'll be able to see, I was most fascinated by the purple-striped jellies. And most upset about not getting a really good seadragon shot. Let me know what you think. Eric
  6. I deleted them by mistake. They are now back.
  7. I can't remember who I promised blue zoos frags. If you were one of the few, send me an IM. Thanks Eric
  8. Ok, so while talking to Rebecca, I realized that I need new bulbs for my MH lamps... The colors of my SPS were not so intense anymore and some where starting to turn brown. So, I bought new bulbs and put them in. After a couple of days, they still didn't look too hot but I thought that that was still a result of the bulbs getting old. 2 days ago, I come home from work and most of my SPS were bleached. :( I guess the new bulbs were too intense for the corals. Lesson leared: Make sure you acclimate your corals to new lights/bulbs!
  9. Do you guys take care of tanks all Alexandria and do you take care of tanks for short periods?
  10. Man, you are always busy. ehehehehhehe
  11. Yeah, I have no problem with the bulkheads... they are right on. I just didn't know that they weren't meant to go in all the way. Yes, I have teflon to wrap around it... I was just trying the fit. Thanks all for the info. BTW, Johnny, the bit was perfectly round and I was amazed at how clean the cut was. I'll probably get a couple more of those bulkheads. :-)
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