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  1. Beautiful tank. I need to get one up and running again... Its been so long I don't even know where to start.
  2. Years ago I had a Haddoni. I had a pair of saddleback clowns that hosted in it quite nicely. IIRC the Haddoni is the natural hosting partner for this particular clown.
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/23/science/23aquarium.html?pagewanted=1 Interesting read.
  4. I had a 120 with the back painted. It was super easy to do. I used a brush and applied 3 coats. Like one of the earlier posts, the first coat was a bit thin and looked crappy. That coat just gets a nice base down to hold the next coat. After the second coat I had good coverage. I added a third for good measure. The back side was a bit lumpy and uneven, but when viewed from the front the black background was seamless. The black background really helps give some depth to the tank and it hides all of the equipment behind the tank. I wouldn't use spray paint because the overspray can be annoying. Especially if this is being done after the tank is set up. With the brush on paint all I did was run two strips of tape along the line where the corner overflows met the back of the tank (I wanted to be able to see in the overflow which turned out to be a good thing but that is another story about the clown fish that lived in my overflow for 6 months..)
  5. Glad that the GFCI worked for you. Just wanted to add that a ground probe or two in the tank is also helpful.
  6. First off, I'm sorry for your loss. I do hope that everything works out for you. On the tank related side, I agree with Dave. I have a masters degree in Fire Protection Engineering and I have seen the long list of toxic nasties that are produced in a fire situation. If soot and smoke infiltrated the water you have no idea what is in there and standard aquarium test kits will not be able to detect all of the potential contaminants that could be in the water. Toss everything in the tank and claim it on the insurance. As for the equip and the tank, I would be very careful with reusing it as well. Make sure to wash everything and let it soak in water with frequent water changes. Then be very careful reintroducing it into a situation with livestock. BB
  7. In the first picture, had you just fed the anemone? I ask because, when they are happy the mouth is nice and tightly shut. The puffiness around the mouth IME indicates that it either just fed, or is not entirely happy. Also, it will eat your fish. I lost several fish and I strongly suspect that it was the Haddoni.
  8. I had a Haddoni for several years. It was a nice addition, I had a pair of Clarkii clowns hosting in it. I loved it. A couple of tips. They like to bury their foot in the sand, up against some type of structure. Second, if they move...they aren't happy. If they settle in to a location where you don't want them you can move them by changing the flow. I could always get mine to move by putting it in an almost direct flow from a powerhead. They like water movement, but not a direct stream. Finally, they need food. I fed mine large chunks of fish and shrimp from the seafood counter at least twice a week. Whenever I made fish for dinner, I would keep the trimmings to feed my anemone. At its largest my Haddoni was close to 15 inches in diameter. Sadly, mine died when I tore my tank down. They are really cool anemones, and I want to have another some day. (Ideally I want an Haddoni with a pair of Saddleback clowns)
  9. Its kinda like the slashdot effect. Post a link or image from a small site on a large one with very high readership and you create an unintentional DOS attack on the smaller site. I would not be surprised if the smaller sites actually requested to be blocked from RC for this very reason. The other reason is that RC is the big fish and people will try to use them to drive traffic to their own site, we deal with some of the same types of issues of people using our board to drive traffic to theirs, RC just has to deal with this on a much larger scale.
  10. -1 I'm not surprised. This is actually pretty tame from some of the anti RC rants that I have seen here and elsewhere.
  11. How did you pay? If it was paypal or CC contact them and let them know what happened. They can block any future payments to that account. Now, RC should set up their account to reject any new payments so it shouldn't be a problem. Even if they don't they could not legitimately keep any subscription renewals after the site crashed. That being said, are you going to go out and initiate legal action over $20?
  12. Freedom of contract. If you don't like it don't subscribe!
  13. I don't have access to the paypal database. But I will make sure one of the officers who does can get your permissions set up. Hang in there and we will get you straightened out. Oh, and Welcome to WAMAS! BB
  14. According to the reefbuilders article the TOS with RC is that in this event they keep everything from subscribers and sponsors.
  15. I mourn the loss of the information, but not the site. I had many issues with RC, but it is pointless to bring them up here.
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