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  1. I just want to share kudos about this outstanding vendor. Fantastic customer service! I was just installing a Supply Valve to my house's plumbing and performed 1 step incorrectly. In a panic, I emailed AWI and they responded with the correct answer within 5 minutes! Another time, I needed a small gasket they didn't sell separately and before I knew it, they sent it to me free-of-charge. I bought a RO system from them and get my replacement cartridges and other stuff from them regularly. Air, Water & Ice is highly recommended by me! Just doing FW for now.
  2. Wow! Great looking specimines and nice camera work.
  3. Without charging an arm and a leg? Most-likely a 75 - 90.
  4. What do you guys do to keep your ATO switch working properly and not getting "stuck" one or off? Vinegar bath maybe?
  5. Great list... I would add a few cleaner shrimp. Cool to watch them clean a tang. Is this FOWLR or reef or what?
  6. One other comment on shrimp. My peppermints seem to hide out-of-sight most of the time until I feed the tank. The skunk cleaner shrimp are usually visible, even curious about what's going-on in the sea or air out there.
  7. I let it run over-night in a bucked of change water and threw-in a little skimmate just for fun. Put it on the tank the next morning and it was pulling-out gunk by the next day :-) Quite and efficient. Definitely best bang for the buck. I might add a drain to the cup just to make it a little better. Thanks for the "Tip".
  8. Just to throw my $.02 in the mix. I built an actinic supplementation kit along-side my T5s using this kit except when I bought it, you had to get your own heat-sink. I used a 36" piece of aluminum square tubing I picked-up at HD. These 12 LEDS totally blows-away and two T5 actinics you can put it up against. I'm strongly considering replacing all the T5s with LEDS.
  9. Hey Loni, I've been doing a bunch of research on the SC Skimmers and took the leap and bought one on EBAY. Should be here by the weekend.
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