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  1. Another vote for 100mm. Make sure you get a tripod and turn off all pumps when you take your pictures and let the tank settle a bit. The crop sensor actually helps you out since a 100mm becomes bigger with the crop.
  2. They were open picked up a few items. Pretty friendly staff.
  3. Is this place still open? Was thinking about heading out to VA tomorrow to check them out. Checked their Facebook and vendor section and looks like not updates recently...
  4. jamal - Thanks for the offer. Let me know what you decide to get...I think I remember your name from back in the day as being one of the DC reefers. I don't mind lending a hand. YHSublime - I spend the majority of my time over at RC and have a thread there. I tried the having threads on multiple sites and it was a pain :(. If you search in the large tank forum look for Finally My Custom Miracle Build with Fish Room. I use the same name on the board as well. Its slowing coming along.
  5. Mike that stand is heavy duty. Top is made from 2 x 4 steel the rest is 2 x 2. It's overbuilt for sure but I did not want to take any chances. The guys over at Capitol Heights Iron Works did a great job. Check them out if you need a custom stand! That's actually the back side of the tank in the picture. It's in the fish room. The front will be framed like a picture. So you will be able to look through the front and see into the fish room. Three sides starfire glass so no painting it. More sides to keep clean but this was my dream tank.
  6. Mike as promised a few pics...I still have a long way to go... IMG_9434 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr IMG_9486 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr
  7. I will be sure to post some once everything is set up...
  8. I may need some extra hands to move a new tank next Saturday (June 17th) around 8:00 AM. I know it's Father's Day weekend so trying to get the tank moved in the house early and letting people get back to their families. If there are any reefers near Capitol Heights or volunteers that may be able to help please send me a PM. Some details about the move and what needs to be done. Will need to offload from a UHaul truck (Tank is going to be kinda heavy - 82" x 40" x 26") Will have to be moved through an basement egress window around the back of the house. When we moved he stand in i built a ramp so this will help not having to hold the weight of the tank the whole time. Will need to be lifted up onto a 40" stand in the fish room. Thanks
  9. Yea I reached out to them yesterday. They have some pretty cool looking stuff. Looks almost like the old AquaBox sumps.
  10. Does anyone know if Pimped out Aquariums and Artfully Acrylic are the only two custom acrylic builders in our area? If you know of others please let me know. Thanks
  11. New tank will be roughly around 315 -320 gallons. I have had some delays in getting everything squared away on my design. Should be around 80 x 40 x 26 peninsula style tank. Eight inches of that will be the overflow area with a viewable area of 72 x 40 x 26. Three sided Starfire glass and viewable from a hole in the wall like my last tank. I am still finishing up the viewing/walk-up bar area. Then I can get back to my fishroom work. I think their customer service has always sucked :(. They rely heavily on the forums for support which is good and bad. I looked back through some old emails and saw an interaction I had with them on an Apex head unit and it brought up pain and frustration...lol. Like it was said before Tunze and EcoTech have some of the best customer service in the business.
  12. I have the old version and looking at just getting some new stuff once I get my new tank up and running .
  13. That says a lot. I am glad I asked here first. Thakki was the second person that mentioned the customer service and its a headache when you spend that much. At this rate they won't be making pumps long. I have had Ecotech in the past I love their customer service too but I actually gave away a MP10 back when they were the released because it was too noisy. My gripe with them it is cost too much to make that much noise. I think I am going to stick with old reliable Tunze and call it day. I just hope Neptune focuses on their controllers. I like them for that.
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