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  1. Looking forward to it. My son and I will be there with my grandson. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. WOW, what more can you say. I will start re-landscaping mine tomorrow.
  3. Running two Evergrow IT-2040's on a 120g, also predominately SPS, since January 2013. Everything grows great and no algae. Some of the SPS are low in the rocks and some sitting on the sand.
  4. Have been running two Evergrow IT2040's with custom LED configuration, over a 120 gal. mostly SPS tank, since January 2013. Started at about 20% and ramped up to 100% over the first couple of weeks as I recall. After that I switched to the default factory mode at half-hour steps. Total cycle is 16 hours. Takes 6 hours to ramp up to 100% blue and white, first three hours are blue only,; then its at 100% for 4 hours; then ramps down to 0ff over the next 6 hours, the last three blue only. Haven't done any PAR measurements, but verything grows very well.
  5. Great job everyone. Put me on the volunteer list.
  6. change password

  7. Payment sent for 2 boxes IO. Thanks for doing this.
  8. No plans to upgrade...although that's a thought...boy would that get me in big trouble...but I am planning to redo all the plumbing for my DT, frag tank, sump and all, then I'll put him work!!!
  9. Wonderful speaker and another great meeting.
  10. Made my first visit to Quantum today and was more than impressed. Very knowledgeable and friendly service. Will definitely be going back. Thanks guys.
  11. Ron

    Apex EB8

    Don't know if this discussion on RC is any help, but a reset might be a place to start. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2031367&highlight=low+amp+reading
  12. Nice photos CaptanRon, wish my tank looked that good....Oh, wait, that is my tank. Wish you would have edited out the bubble algae though
  13. Yup, put it right on the glass, sit the rock on the egg crate, and cover it with the sand...the egg crate not all the rock It spreads out the load from the rock, but more important, I think, is it keeps from having any pressure points on the glass from uneven rock surfaces. The rock is also more stable, since critters can't really undermine it.
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