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  1. If you don’t get rid of them now its a pain to get rid of them later. These are such a pain to deal with... Peppermint Shrimp will take care of these quickly if you don’t kill all of them you see after the tank cycles if it hasn’t yet.
  2. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it and will be tested weekly during the water changes. One nice thing about the check valve that I bought and the reason I purchased it is that I can open it up and service it to make sure it stays in working order.
  3. Thank you! Yep, the diatoms should be gone in a few weeks and can’t wait!
  4. I have been in the saltwater hobby since 2002 and have been out of the hobby since 2010 so I don't even know the new ways quite yet and yes I remember that very well and thought about doing it with this tank but decided against it because of the very small size. Here is the pictures with the shorter returns and I agree it looks much better and will be less intrusive. So good call on that! Here are a few quick shots of the tank when the lights were on earlier. Front Tank Shot: Top View, Return Pump On: Top View, Return Pump Off:
  5. Looking good and hope to have the same success with my newest tank with SPS!
  6. Thanks! Yeah I have thought of the same ideas with the returns and I am playing around with them tonight as we speak. When I am done I will post more pictures of what I have been up too. Yes the rock is zip tied to the eggcrate to get the desired rockscape. There is also eggcrate under the rock keeping it off of the bottom of the tank and zip tied to that to keep the rock from shifting or falling (I will see if I can find the photos of the before sand and rock to post up to show this). I have considered shortening it since I redid the rockscape and I will continue to think about it before I cut it up. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and will most definitely keep you updated!
  7. Thank you! Yeah I made the tank years ago and thought it would be cool to have the whole system enclosed and self contained inside the stand. I still like the idea but wish I hadn’t done it this way. Either way I love the tank and the circulation in the tank is nice and is everywhere without having to add any power heads.
  8. Hey, it's been a really long time since I posted here on the forums. Last time I had a tank was before I left for MCRD PI. I shut down all my tanks, but I kept all the equipment and a couple tanks (my biggest and smallest). I have decided to start the small tank up, which is a tank that I built back in 2009 that I ended up never using. I built the tank, sump and stand it sits on back then, recently I built the light stand which I'm not completely happy with but it works and looks decent. Tank and Setup: - 12" Custom Made Acrylic Cube Aquarium - 2gal Custom Made Acrylic Sump with Built In Filter Sock - Eheim Compact+ 3000 Return Pump - Deltec MCE300 Hang On Protein Skimmer - Giesemann Nova II White 150 watt MH Pendant Fixture - Fishbowl Innovations Auto Top Off with Aqua Lifter Pump I started the tank on September 14, 2018 with completely dead rock and dead sand bed (had been in the tank since 2009 and came out of my 210gal tank from back in the day). I completely filled the tank with old water from a friends tank when they did a WC and with BioDigest. It only took a month for the tank to completely cycle which to me was amazing, figuring with the way I started it would take 6-8 weeks minimum. Current Stock: - 2 Juvenile Black Onyx Percula Clownfish - 1 Helfrichi Firefish - Snail Cleaner Crew - SPS Frag of Rainbow Granulosa Here are some pictures of the setup when I originally made it: The Sump: Light: Original Rock Formation: Revised Rock Formation with the Inhabitants: That's all I have for the moment, as I add and adjust to the setup I will keep the thread update!
  9. Okay, I will be heading down there at 1100 now, I have to go and train at the recruiter station at 0930 tomorrow. I got my orders today for my final IST! Wish me luck! Hope to see you down there.
  10. My address is: 385 Westbury Drive Riva, MD 21140 Please let me know if you coming and if you will be meeting me to get a ride. Hope to see you there!
  11. Okay everyone it is less than two weeks til our trip. Wondering if anyone else has any interest in coming along.
  12. I completely agree! I normally get tired after sitting so long, but Paul had me in stitches during his whole presentation!
  13. TTT Come one everyone! Lets get a few more of you to come down with us!
  14. Thank you Hilary! Yes I have been down there a lot of times in the new place, to be honest I only went to the old place once right before the move and I visited the new shop about a half dozen times during construction!
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