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  1. I have a handheld, but have been thinking about getting a pair of inline meters - for exactly where you test, Dave. What place would you recommend to buy them from?
  2. Hey Bob, It was I who talked to you about the kalk reactor at the meeting. It's very interesting to see just how little air matters, it seems.
  3. Let me just clarify that the actinics are for your viewing pleasure. Your corals health will be perfectly fine without them, pending you have enough light in MH form. From what I remember, the 14k's are pretty dang blue (for me both 20k and 14k are way too blue for my taste).
  4. What are you using for top off water? What skimmer are you using?
  5. Dhoch, I'd still be interested in the frags I mentioned before: blue/teal milli - http://www.danj.com/reef/corals_detail.php?coral_id=41 green stylo - http://www.danj.com/reef/corals_detail.php?coral_id=17 blue tort - http://www.danj.com/reef/corals_detail.php?coral_id=65 yellow milli - http://www.danj.com/reef/corals_detail.php?coral_id=57 Dbartco, I'd be intereted in a frag of: miami orchid stag bubblegum milli
  6. A full sheet every other day? Really? Maybe I've been underfeeding my tangs then... I would take maybe an 1/8 of a sheet and put it in either every day or every other day. And even with that, the first thing the Sohal likes to do is bite right where the nori meets the clip, pulls it off, chases it around nibbling at it until it gets to one of my seio 2600's...... then I get itty bitty nori pieces everywhere in the tank. I can only imagine the disaster it would be if I used a full sheet! Rebecca, as far as my issue with the hair algae - I did dose sugar and I also hooked up my Ozone unit (200 mg) directly into my skimmer. I can't say for certain which is what helped (or if it was a combination of both), but after a few weeks all the hair algae was gone. Oh, I also bought 5 turbo snails, and they have helped keep the algae down by constant grazing.
  7. Hey Boxxr! Sorry to hear about your loss... no matter what the reason it's always depressing losing fish :( I won't berate you on the QT'ing issue, as I haven't ever QT'ed either.... there's upsides and downsides to the topic. Anyway, as for your questions... a hospital tank doesn't necessarily have to be large as it's obviously a temporary home for the fish. However, one thing you'll want to make sure to do is to move something that has bacteria into the tank, from your display tank. That way it won't start a cycle and make things worse for the fish that are surviving. The algae issue, what type of algae is it? How long has the algae issue been going on? Did it just start as the fish were dying? If so, the dying fish are contributing to the nutrient levels. Other causes can be anything you're adding to the tank (for example excess fish food). As far as your tests for nitrate and phosphate, they can be misleading. They will read 0 of course because there's no longer any nitrate or phosphate in the water - the algae is using it up. That doesn't mean however that something in the tank isn't breaking down and creating more nutrients at the same rate they are being used up. I feel your pain on this - I battled hair algae for almost all of last year in my 180 gallon! Very frustrating indeed, especially after my 55 gallon tank (which I broke down to upgrade to the 180) was so very successful. Good luck on the recovery of the remaining livestock, and again sorry for your losses! EDIT: I meant to add, if your main tank is fishless for the life cycle of ich, it will all die off, and then it would be safe to re-introduce the fish back to your display tank.
  8. I like it. Ha, you can now see where you got water down the back of your tank and the background 'stuck' to the back! =) I don't think it's 'not blue enough', but then again I also only have 3 x 250w 10k XM bulbs over my tank with no actinic at all....
  9. Some good online recommendations, thanks! I'm still looking for a few good paper published magazines.. I believe Howard was speaking of Marine Fish and Reef? But I cannot find a place to get a subscription to that. I've also found 'Coral', which unfortunately is only a bi-monthly run.
  10. Sweet. I battled hair algae for close to a year, finally getting it to succumb to my will with sugar dosing and ozone. What did you do to get rid of it other than pull it out?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I do read the reefkeeping online mag every month, lots of interesting stuff in there. As far as the things I mentioned above, those are more like examples of the level of articles I'm looking for. I'd like something in print too, that I can read more for when I'm not near a computer than when I am. I haven't been to reefs.org, didn't know that they existed... do they have an online publication?
  12. Hey all... well, I"m looking for a few new magazines to subscribe to that deal with corals and marine fish. Any suggestions? I had subscribed to Tropical Fish magazine for a year, however I wasn't all that ecstatic about how much non-reef stuff there was. To be more specific, I'm looking for a magazine that caters to a lot of the extra stuff we have to do for our reef tanks, instead of seeing in a Q&A thread over and over 'what specific gravity should I be at?' 'how do you cycle a tank?' - While those questions are helpful in their own right, I'm looking for magazines that would discuss different types of lighting (T5 vs. SE MH vs. DE MH, etc), different skimmers and how to tune them, lowering nitrates and phosphates to the degree we look to do in our tanks, and so forth. So, suggest away!
  13. Depending on how you are mounting your lights, it might be easier and more feasible to add screening and/or eggcrate over the tank. Then every so often take a sheet of screening off, until all sheets are gone. That should acclimate them without you having to change your tank around.
  14. I think the easiest way to tell is to look at their eyes... the true percs tend to have orange circles in their eyes while the false percs do not. True perc: false perc: I had (I believe) one of each when I first had my tank, and they got along together just fine.
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