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  1. I live in Ashburn too. Just head south on Belmont Ridge Road and follow your GPS to Blue Ribbon Koi. Worth the trip for fish and corals. Cant go wrong with Reef Escape also
  2. Here is another, but you have to supply your own SIM card, such as a pre-paid one. iSocket About the same price as the pumpalarm mentions above. But in the long run may be cheaper as it looks like there is no annual cost. Pumpalarm does provide more options though.
  3. I too have seen the setup in person. It is awesome.
  4. I got his Float Switch Bracket kit. You can order additional float switch holders. I have three on mine.
  5. Tom, Search for posts from Cusereefer on the Neptune Forum regarding a circuit board he created that dual inputs for the optical floats or standard switches. Does not expand the number of inputs on the BoB, just the input types. This was back in 16/17, try contacting him for info. Looks like he does not create them anymore, but he may share info with someone of your technical knowledge. It worth a try. He is where I got ideas for making a harness to plug two optical sensors into the DOS to activate the APEX tile.
  6. If you do what Tom said, video this process for all of us to see this thing!
  7. Thanks. I have also put a horizontal float near the bottom of the Brute. When this opens, the DOS turns off and shuts down the AWC. I then manually turn off the DOS until new salt water is created. Here is a pic of where the volume indicators are when this happened. At about 6 gal left in the Brute. If you do the math on the values shown: 26314 (remaining) + 125153 (removed) = 151467 ml Subtract the original volume of 151400, that shows only a difference of 67 ml over the course of 30 days. I have gone through the logs and like many DOS owners, you can probably find instances when equal amounts between the pumps does not always happens. Why, I do not know and it only happens in small doses occasionally. I have been running this for several months and have "exchanged" out about 100 gallons. I take out each night 1.1 gallons. I know it is not a true 100 exchange, but it is working well for me. No buckets and much more than if were to do it manually. I will still do a manual water change soon and clean out some of the sand bed.
  8. The APEX Fusion software has a tile to track the volume remaining in their DDR dual reservoirs. Problem is I am using the DOS for daily AWC's and would like to utilize this same tracking ability. However, this Fusion tile was only available if you connected the optical sensors of a DDR to the DOS unit. What I have done is to expand on the idea of another reefer and create my own cable harness to connect my own optical sensors without having to buy the DDR. Now, others have also discovered you can jump pins 4 & 6 with a 180 Ohm resistor and get the tile to turn on in the software, but I wanted to still have my own optical sensors to use for whatever (they are not tied to the volume indicated in the tile). I got these items and a couple of optical sensors too. Spliced the cables together and plug the optical sensors into the the 3S JST cables. Once I plugged the 6-pin microfit cable into the DOS, the tile was available in Fusion. Once I got the tile going, I went into the Apex dashboard software via a browser (not the Fusion software) and changed the volume amounts for the 'DDR' to the amount of new tank water the DOS will pull from. In my case it is a 44g Brute, so I entered my max it holds which happens to the the highest volume you can input 151400 ml (40 gallons). Save and refresh your Fusion app. Since I am dong an AWC I run one of the DOS motors in reverse. This gives me a [+] and [-] values in the APEX log. To reflect this also in a way in the DDR tile I have set volume of this pump at 0 and the one adding new water at 151400. I can now see the reducing volume of the Brute shown while the side for the old water increases. You can see that difference in the second pic here.
  9. Correct, the ridgid tubing is your safety. The tank will only drain down to the tubing intake, at that point a siphon break will occur. Measure down on tank to the level you would want to take out (i.e., one gallon) and then cut the ridgid u-bent tubing to this level. Then hang on the tank and attach flexible tubing down to your waste jug. Ridged & flexible airline tubing should be sufficient and wont create a 'water draining' sound that would cause concern with our coworkers. There are some airline holders that will nicely bend flexible airline over a tankwall if you dont want to use ridgid tubing.
  10. Thanks for the info Tom. Your always a great source.
  11. No backup supply. Is it ok to put the EB8 on a surge protector? In a sense daisy chaining power strips? Any idea on cost for whole house surge protector?
  12. Today in the morning I lost power for about 1 second and all came back. I know businesses in Ashburn were also hit. Everything on the tank came back on however this evening I looked at Fusion and noticed the Amp usage tile. Spiked at 31.6 !!!! Is this normally what happens when power is restored after an outage and what the Apex is subjected to? Should the Apex/EB8 be placed on a surge protector or only straight to wall socket and install a whole house surge protector?
  13. Francis, So sorry to here about this truely devistating situation. Hang in there! Chris
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